Andrade Cien Almas Beats Johnny Gargano In A Five Star Classic At NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia

five star classic

If you missed NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia, we have a recap for you.

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FCW Is Better Than RAW – 5/20/12

This time I’ll try a less opinionated section reviewing each segment, with a why it is better than RAW at the end.

Opening montage: generic music plays. Wrestlers are shown doing things.

Why this is better than RAW?

I had this pointed out to me by someone who read the first report. Unlike every RAW opening montage ending with “The Champ Is Here” and John Cena, the last image that hits our eyes is the world champion. Novel concept. I know.

Byron Saxton and Chris Russo are back again. For note whose only exposure to FCW is this report: at times Jim Ross and/or William Regal join commentary and are awesome. When/if FCW gets combined with NXT Jim Ross, will be a full time announcer.

They put over the number one contender tournament. They also put over the tag team champions.

Why is this better than RAW?

No Michael Cole. No 15 minute promo to open up the show. You probably have been reading this longer than it takes the show to get to their first WRESTLING match.

Corey Graves and Jake Carter (champions) vs. Connor O’Brien and Kennth Cameron (Ascension)

Abraham Washington out first. Again this guy does not ooze the charisma to be a star, but I believe he believes he is one. And therefore I believe he believes his tag team champions are as well. Love the nicknames as well. Worth a watch just for his announcing the tag team champion’s arrival.

AW called Graves/Carter the futuristic sadistic duo. I buy that for a tag team name. O’Brien and Cameron (Ascension) look like they could be part of Taker’s ministry, and have the most elaborate entrance one may see in FCW. I do know O’Brien from his time in NXT and was a fan of his since he is one of those that knows how live a gimmick in and out of a ring. Hopefully he can pull it off without being a rat.

Match reviews are not my strong point so just a few things of note. Jake Carter knows he has a generic forgettable name so he has it written on his tights so you don’t mistake him for his partner. Smart. Some ok stuff during the match. Some of it was FCW rookie green poo. Finish sees AW distract the ref while the champs hit a weak looking finisher.

Why is this better than RAW?
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FCW Is Better Than RAW – 5/13/12

My friend, the Damnit Man has been watching some FCW lately and he’s been enjoying it. He also is of the opinion that the FCW show is more entertaining than Raw. He may do FCW reports for us in the future. Here’s his first:

Why FCW is greater than RAW.

First off, a word on where this report is coming from and what it will be. I recently became so frustrated with RAW where I made the decision I was tormenting myself watching it and just decided to stop. As I was making this decision, FCW popped on my radar and I slowly started to fall in love with it. Some of the wrestlers are poo, which would be putting it nicely, but it is smartly booked. If you love WWE Raw, Cena, grandiosity, epicness, etc. this report may only serve to upset you and maybe FCW is not for you. If you like things that make sense, storylines explained weekly, announcers that put the product over, strong titles, a willingness to experiment, and are able to tolerate small crowds on a non-grandiose scale, do what I did and make the switch!

One of the great things about FCW is everything is layed out and explained for you. Even though I’ve watched about 15 episodes back now and know the storylines and where everything is coming from, I’m going to pretend episodes happen in a vacuum and only tell you what the announcers feed you in about.

Report for FCW 5/13/12:

You can watch here first on YouTube. If you don’t get around to reading my report, GREAT! The report’s job has been done for me. But if you wanna read on, here we go.

First words out of an announcers mouth. “Four men, two matches with the winners to face each other for the right to face Seth Rollins.” Putting a tournament over as the first thing people hear about. Seth Rollins is the FCW champion. Unlike WWE where people should stay tuned to see what the GM who is not a wrestler is up to, or John Cena who is not the champion, right off the bat we get 4 contenders and the champion looking strong. The last time RAW did that? Can’t recall. I feel fortunate every week and every PPV WWE puts on where a world title match does not open up the damn show.
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