Top Five – Stone Cold Steve Austin Says He Isn’t Wrestling Brock Lesnar

Steve Austin says he isn't wrestling Brock Lesnar

What were the top stories last week?

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Greatest Wrestler Ever Project – Top 100 Baseline Test

greatest wrestler ever

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Video Vault – Misawa Transforms!

In this unusual clip we find the cast of NOAH doing a parody of Super Sentai (Power Rangers in Japan). The Evil Ranger, played by Kenta Kobashi, is terrorizing people in the park. It’s up to Mitsuharu Misawa and his band of Pro Wrestling NOAH transforming heroes to save the day. Jun Akiyama, Akira Taue, KENTA, Tamon Honda, and Naomichi Marifuji also star. They are the NOAH Rangers. I don’t know the origin of this clip or why they did it, so don’t ask.

Yeah it’s weird, but it’s JAPAN! Did you expect anything less than pro wrestlers playing power rangers?

Lineup for Sunday’s Huge NOAH Budokan Show

Thanks to for the lineup.

This promises to be one of the best shows of the year. NOAH’s on a roll right now with a change in booking philosophy, and several of it’s wrestlers being on fire.

The top three matches are ridiculously good on paper. The NOAH vs. NJPW tag will look to continue where the Tokyo Dome left off, with Go Shiosaki and Milano stepping in for Misawa and Goto respectively. The two stars of the 1/4 match, Nakamura and Sugiura, are still in place though and will no doubt be fired up every time they cross paths in this match.

Nakajima and KENTA just put on a MOTYC three weeks ago and that will be hard to top, but these crazy S.O.B’s will no doubt try. KENTA is pretty clearly the best wrestler in the world based on form in the last three months. He has never looked better and considering some of his prior years, that’s really saying something.

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