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Julio Cesar Chavez

45 Greatest Fighters Of The Last 45 Years – 22: Oscar de la Hoya

If you think Saul Canelo Alvarez is divisive in terms of popularity amongst modern day boxing fans, he had nothing on his former mentor and promoter, Oscar de la Hoya. The self-proclaimed “Golden Boy” was immensely popular among Mexican-American and female boxing fans. When it came to traditional hardcore boxing fans, the reviews were mixed….

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45 Greatest Fighters Of The Last 45 Years – 28: Julio Cesar Chavez

Outside of African-American boxers, the culture that dominated the sport hail from Mexico. The most beloved fighter ever to come out of Mexico is Julio Cesar Chavez. Chavez was the prototypical Mexican fighter; great chin, tremendous body puncher and an incredible will. These attributes, plus his winning world titles at 130, 135 and 140 lbs.,…

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45 Greatest Fighters Of The Last 45 Years – 35. Marco Antonio Barrera

The first time my father and I saw Marco Antonio Barrera fight was his HBO debut on February 3, 1996 against Olympic gold medalist Kennedy McKinney. We had read several articles on how the Mexican fans and media were proclaiming him to be the next Julio Cesar Chavez. That night, my father and I were…

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The Greatest Fights Of All-Time: 11. Julio César Chávez Vs Meldrick Taylor

11. Julio César Chávez Vs Meldrick Taylor March 17, 1990 Las Vegas, Nevada Venue: Hilton Hotel In the 40 years since I started following boxing, one of the most naturally gifted fighters I ever saw was Meldrick Taylor. He was so gifted that at the tender age of 17, he won an Olympic Gold Medal…

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Greatest Super Lightweights In Boxing History: Julio Cesar Chavez

Robert Silva is back with his greatest fighters in boxing history list. Up next are the super lightweights and Julio Cesar Chavez.

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Looking Back – The 25th Anniversary Of Chavez Vs Taylor I

On the 25th anniversary of Chavez vs Taylor I, we take a look back at that fight.

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