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Joseph “Sandy” Saddler

Greatest Featherweights In Boxing History: Joseph “Sandy” Saddler

As I pointed out in my last article on Willie Pep, Joseph “Sandy” Saddler was the original tall and lanky fighter with explosive power. Before there were Alexis Arguello, Thomas Hearns or Bob Foster, there was Saddler who paved the way for such a fighter. At 5’9” and 126 pounds, Saddler dwarfed his opponents in…

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Greatest Featherweights In Boxing History: Willie Pep

Boxing’s holy trinity of defensive masters include Floyd Mayweather, Pernell Whitaker and the second greatest Featherweight of all-time, Willie Pep. Pep was the first boxer who mesmerized audiences with his defensive acumen. There have always been claims that Pep once won a round without landing a single punch because he made his opponent miss badly….

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