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Jose Canseco

Video – Jose Canseco Vs. Hong Man Choi

Earlier this morning, Jose Canseco fought Hong Man Choi in the first round of the Super Hulk tournament at Dream.9. He lasted probably about a minute longer than anyone thought he would, but he still went down to the big man. (I have no idea if this video is going to stay up or not,…

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DREAM.9 – Jose Canseco tries his hand at Mixed Martial Arts

Alan from our very own site first made me aware of this and I thought it was hilarious news. On 5/26 at Heiwa’s DREAM.9 show from Yokohama Arena, in addition to featuring the second round of the Featherweight Grand Prix, will also have the first round of the SUPER HULK GRAND PRIX~!, a freakshow tournament…

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