Bellator 106 Play By Play – Michael Chandler Vs. Eddie Alvarez II

bellator 106 play by playWhen Tito Ortiz had to pull out of the first Bellator PPV, it threw the entire PPV card out of whack. The show was moved to Spike TV and Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez II (the fight most wanted to see more anyway) became the main event.

President of Premier, John LaRocca is at the show tonight and we previewed it on FGB Radio earlier in the week.

Bellator is saying it’s their most important show ever, and it is, until they finally get on PPV.

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Strikeforce Challengers – Women’s Welterweight Tournament

I’m actually sort of intrigued for this show, more so than recent Challengers show. There’s some interest in the women’s welterweight tournament. I want to see if Miesha Tate has the goods to become one of the faces of women’s MMA. I also want to see what the baby Natural, Randy Couture’s son Ryan can do as well. Joe Riggs is also in the main event.

Sarah Kaufman is ringside as she’ll face whoever wins the one-night tournament.

The semi-final match-ups are only two rounds, which is pretty bogus. But the reason is because the athletic commission wouldn’t let anyone fight more than 5 rounds in an evening. Thus, if the semi-final fights end in a draw, the judges simply have to pick a winner. Yep, pretty silly.

They are also three minute rounds.

1. Maiju Kujala vs. Miesha Tate

Kujala is the least experienced of all the women. Tate looks in tremendous shape.

The first round was odd. Tate controlled the clinch and had Kujala up against the cage. After half the round, she finally got the takedown. But Kujala had a guillotine in. The referee told the girls to go for submissions or he would stand them up. Kujala did have a submission. And he stood them up anyway.

Kujala’s hands are definitely faster. She’s not as strong as Tate, but she fights at a faster pace. Tate threw two head kicks, but only grazed with one. It was probably Kujala’s round until Tate secured a takedown at the end of it.

The two right, three minute round nonsense is silly. No contender should be decided this way.

Winner: Miesha Tate by decision

2. Carina Damm vs. Hitomi Akano

Mauro Ranallo says Damm was the first female fighter to test positive for steroids. Yikes. I watched Akano fight Cyborg in person and that was a brutal, brutal destruction.
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Strikeforce: Lawler Vs. Shields Play By Play

They did an awesome video to open the show. They need to put more of these together and get them out there. This might be the first hype I’ve seen for the show.

Gus Johnson, Frank Shamrock, and Mauro Ranello are the broadcast team.

1. Mike Whitehead vs. Kevin Randleman

“Iron” Mike Whitehead is facing MMA’s version of “Iron” Mike Tyson. Well, at least from a size and craziness standpoint.

Randleman looked terrible. Whitehead outwrestled him the entire round, taking him down four times. Randleman had one takedown. Whitehead also hit him at will. The only thing Randleman is doing well is not allowing Whitehead to pass on the ground.

The second round wasn’t much better for him. Whitehead took him down and kept him in side control for the first half. Randleman got out of it and actually landed an uppercut, but that was it. Whitehead’s up 2-0.

Randleman knocked Whitedown down and went for hammer fists on the ground. He wasn’t able to do anything and Whitehead got back up and controlled him again. It’s easily Whitehead’s fight.

Winner: Mike Whitehead by unanimous decision

2. Joe Riggs vs. Phil Baroni

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Strikeforce: Lawler Vs. Shields Weigh-in Results

Thanks to Stevie J at and F4W/Wrestling Observer.

Main card
-Robbie Lawler (182.75) vs. Jake Shields (181.75)
-Nick Diaz (179) vs. Scott Smith (179.5)
-Andrei Arlovski (244) vs. Brett Rogers (262)
-Kevin Randleman (204) vs. Mike Whitehead (206)
-Phil Baroni (168.75) vs. Joe Riggs (170)

-Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante (205.5) vs. Mike Kyle (202.5)
-Josh Baumgartner (173.5) vs. Jesse Finney (175.75)
-Tyron Woodley (170.5) vs. Sal Woods (169.25)
-Lucas Lopes (186) vs. Scott Ventimiglia (185)
-Dave Cochran (153) vs. Pat Benson (155.75)
-Booker DeRousse (204.25) vs. James Wade (205.25)

Strikeforce’s Lawler Vs. Shields Is Shaping Up To Be A Very Solid Card

With the latest addition of Andrei Arlovski vs. Brett Rogers to the next Strikeforce Showtime card, “Lawler vs. Shields” looks like it has the possibility of being a very entertaining night of fights.

Here’s the line-up for the June 6 card as it stands:

Jake Shields vs. Robbie Lawler
Nick Diaz vs. Scott Smith
Andrei Arlovski vs. Brett Rogers
Phil Baroni vs. Joe Riggs
Kevin Randleman vs. Mike Whitehead

Shields vs. Lawler

With the recent addition of Arlovski/Rogers, this is now, in my opinion, a more interesting card than UFC 99, which has Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva in the main event. The main event is stronger, but the rest of the fights aren’t. While I’m interested in seeing Cain Velasquez, the Arlovski/Rogers fight is stronger than Velasquez vs. Cheick Kongo.
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Strikeforce: Destruction – Bobby Southworth vs. Renato “Babalu” Sobral

Cactus Jim and I are going to the HP Pavilion tonight to watch Strikeforce: Destruction. The goal is to try and blog the phone from my mobile phone while watching the show.

Here’s a link to photos taken at the show.

1. Zakary Bucia vs. Adam Steele

Bucia got on top and locked in a guillotine for the tap very quickly.

Winner: Zakary Bucia

2. Alvin Cacdac vs. Jose Palacios

They had some good exchanges with both guys scoring. Cacdac went for the takedown but Palacio ended up on top, but Cacdac reversed position and ended up on top when the round ended.

Palacios had a triangle but Cacdac got out of it and tapped him out to a rear naked choke.

Winner: Alvin Cacdac

3. Brad Royster vs. Darren Uyenoyama

Royster had a guillotine early on but Uyenoyama worked for a rear naked for a lot of the round.

Uyenoyama spent the entire round working for submissions nearly getting an armbar.

It was on the feet for most of the third. Uyenoyama was back on top of him working for the submission as the round ended.

Winner: Darren Uyenoyama

Dave Meltzer says Uyenoyama is heading to Japan next year for Dream’s featherweight tourney.

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