UFC On Fox 8 Play By Play – Demetrious Johnson Vs. John Moraga

UFC On Fox 8 Play By Play

This Fox card has the least amount of buzz than any other Fox card has yet, but it should still be quality. It just won’t be seen by as many people as the UFC would like.

While Demetrious Johnson and John Moraga may be in the main event, the fight that people seem to be interested in most is Jake Ellenberger vs. Rory MacDonald.

Here’s the UFC On Fox 8 play by play:

1. Jessica Andrade vs. Liz Carmouche

Carmouche’s movement and style is a bit too much for Andrade early. She side stepped some strikes, got close, and scored a big takedown. Carmouche was working in side control, Andrade gave up her back, Carmouche went for her back, but Andrade immediately stood up with Carmouche on her back and slammed her down. That was impressive. Andrade had a guillotine on for a very long time to end the round. Andrade gets the first round.

Carmouche scored another takedown as Andrade rushed in. It looked more like a spinebuster. Carmouche got on top and mounted her and rained down with punches. Andrade turned over and Carmouche went for the choke and sunk it in, but Andrade got out of it very impressively. Carmouche stuck with it and flattened her out again and rained more punches and elbows on her. Some of the elbows looked to be to the back of her head. Andrade turned back over and Carmouche was high on the mount and had to hold herself up with one arm while punching and elbowing her with the other. Andrade fought it by trying to turn over a few times, but Herb Dean finally stopped it. Continue reading