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Jerry Lawler

The Fight Game Podcast – CM Punk Interview, Canelo Saga, G1, AEW tickets, Wrestling Figures, Old School Raw (Ep. 89)

John and GG are back to discuss the CM Punk interview, G1, AEW, and Canelo. Subscribe: Stitcher / Google Play / SoundCloud / RSS

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Looking Back – SummerSlam 1996 Review

We’re continuing SummerSlam week on Fight Game Blog. Check out our SummerSlam 1996 throwback review.

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Throwback Thursday Video – Jerry Lawler And Andy Kaufman On David Letterman

With David Letterman retiring this week, we had to throwback to the infamous night when he let a wrestling angle play out on his show.

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Greatest Wrestler Ever Project – 3 Month Update

Alan updates everyone on where he’s at with the “Greatest Wrestler Ever” project.

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Introduction – Greatest Wrestler Ever Project

As a wrestling fan for 23 years I’ve had a lot of periods of “new discovery” which I always find massively exciting and reinvigorating for my fandom.

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3 Things You Need To Know About Raw (Survivor Series Go Home)

It’s sad when a company just can’t help themselves. Just can’t help their own temptations. It’s sad when there’s a moment that literally transcends the business, makes pro wrestling seem much more significant than it has any right to be, and the company squashes it hard because they want to sell 50 more PPVs. To…

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