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Jack Swagger

TLC Live Coverage – Roman Reigns Vs Sheamus

After last night’s UFC show where Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds, it’s going to be hard for WWE to follow it up. However, the way they can do so is simply to have a smart show with smart outcomes. Then again, this is the PPV full of gimmick matches where there…

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The Raw Rerun – 2014 Slammy Awards (Time Capsule Blog)

It’s the 2014 Slammy Awards! And we’re going to review this Raw slightly differently than usual.

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Money In The Bank Live Coverage

For the first time in the short history of the Money In The Bank PPV, the big belt will be on the line.

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The Raw Rerun – Vickie Guerrero Is Fired

The show had a lot of wrestling on it and two key angles, which made for a fun, though mindless show.

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WWE Extreme Rules Live Coverage: The Shield Vs. Evolution

The first two post-WrestleMania Raws made the product feel fresh. There were new programs starting and new guys being featured. However, the last two Raws were stale and took a lot of wind out of the sail. But, they can get a lot of momentum back with a great show tonight. I missed the pre-show…

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