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Breakfast with Fedor

It’s time for Breakfast with Fedor!

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Dynamite!! 2010 – Todd Duffee Vs. Alistair Overeem

Seven hours of MMA madness. No introduction is necessary. Let’s get to it.

The opening of the show featured singers congregating in gospel-like fashion singing, “Oh Happy Day”. On the big screen was clips from other Dream shows and also clips of Dream fighters fighting at Strikeforce. And then the fighters were allowed a couple seconds of screen time to show off their dance moves. Satoshi Ishii did a move where he grabbed his crotch and swiveled his hips like he was a modern day Ravishing Rick Rude.

The announcers are Frank Trigg and Michael Schiavello, aka The Voice.

Looks like the Bob Sapp fight is off. The excuse is that he lost his will to fight. Ha! Sounds like it’s a last minute contract renegotiation.

1. Andy Ologun vs. Katsuaki Furuki

Furuki is a former baseball player. This fight is three, five minute rounds.

The fight started in the clinch with Furuki throwing short, inside punches, but taking nasty knees to his midsection from Ologun. Olugun knocked him woozy with a stiff straight right and Furuki didn’t know where he was. He was throwing back, but they were loopy punches that had no chance. Ologun fell backwards with a guillotine while Furuki’s nose was bleeding all over the mat. Furuki got out of the submission and then quickly got into the mount. Furuki is tough, though out of his league here so far.

Furuki got a takedown from the clinch, but Ologun reversed position. Furuki worked on a kimura for a couple of minutes and Ologun fought it the entire way. With just over 30 seconds left, Ologun reversed him, but Furuki locked in a triangle just as the bell rang. Furuki might be winning this fight now.

Furuki was impressive in staying on top of Ologun, but caught a nasty right hand near the end of the round.

Winner: Andy Ologun by decision

Furuki is going to need some stitches over his left eye. You can see the insides of his eye brow.

2. Kazuyuki Miyata vs. Caol Uno

Miyata came out to a blending of Tupac Shakur with the instrumental to Eye Of The Tiger. That’s a win.

Uno won the first five minutes with some great in and out striking. He was landing punches and inside leg kicks. He’s wearing some sort of knee sleeve/pad and some wicked gold shoes.
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2009 Fight Game Blog Awards – MMA

This is the MMA installment of our 2009 year end awards. We gave out the pro wrestling awards on Tuesday. We’ll hand out the boxing awards next.

Friend of FGB, JP joined us with his awards.


Fighter Of The Year
Big D – Jose Aldo

The man is a machine. Had Lyoto not lost to Shogun, he would’ve secured this spot.

Alan – Jose Aldo

Fought more than most other contenders and looked spectacular every time out. Win over Mike Brown cemented him as legit.

Duan – Lyoto Machida

Machida went 3-0 against top competition in 2009, and picked up the UFC light heavyweight title along the way. He proved himself as the division’s best by outclassing Silva and Evans. A near perfect year was only marred by a disappointing performance against Rua in October, but he still left with his undefeated record intact.

JP – Lyoto Machida

The Dragon and B.J. Penn were the only two champions to fight three times in 2009 and Machida won all three of his matches. He showed he had knockout power when he handed both Thiago Silva and Rashad Evans their first career losses by way of KO. Then he won a close decision against Shogun Rua in one of the most technically astounding fights I’ve seen. 2009 saw Machida claim the belt, defeat three talented opponents, and has put Lyoto into the Greatest Ever debate.

Cactus Jim – Gegard Mousasi

3-0 this year, not just beating, but finishing Hunt, Sobral and Sokoudjou. He won the Strikeforce LH title and successfully defended. This man may be part terminator.

GG – Georges St. Pierre

He only fought twice because of injury, but he fought the most dominant rounds of the year. And I think his star hasn’t peaked yet.

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Dynamite!! 2009 Line Up Announced

DREAM and K1 will once again join forces for the big Dynamite New Years Eve show in Saitama, Japan.

This year the card will also include fighters from Japan’s other leading MMA promotion Sengoku, as they compete in a number of DREAM VS. Sengoku themed matches.

As in previous years, the event will feature a mix of both Kick Boxing and MMA bouts.

It’s scheduled to be broadcast on HDNet.

Here’s the card:

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DREAM 11 – Featherweight Grand Prix 2009 Finals

DREAM was back today with another excellent show from the Yokohama Arena in Japan. DREAM 11 featured the conclusion of the featherweight grand prix, more from the Super Hulk Tournament, the return of Kazushi Sakuraba, and some damn great fights, so let’s get straight into it.
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