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Hangman Adam Page

The Rock Vs Roman Reigns | Jade Cargill to WWE or NXT? | Booking Swerve Vs. Hangman Page | The Cool Check In

Last week, I debuted a piece called Things That Make Me Go Hmmm, where I take a slightly cynical view at what’s going on in pro wrestling. I’ll bring that back periodically when I have more things to write about that make my head hurt, like Orange Cassidy’s current booking after being in the main…

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The Fight Game Podcast – 2022 Pro Wrestling Draft

On the latest episode of the Fight Game Podcast, John LaRocca and GG recorded an episode where they pretended they were CEOs of brand new wrestling companies. And in their draft, every pro wrestler was available, but, they were going to be a US company. If you want to keep track, here were the results…

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