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halloween havoc

WWE NXT: Halloween Havoc 2.0

NXT 2.0’s creative direction was clarified Tuesday with its Halloween Havoc show. WWE’s sub-brand decided to put the Halloween-themed IP to work in 2020, which included the “Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal” gimmick match. The company has used this to spice up a regular NXT episode, treating Havoc as a special show. Two titles…

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NXT Halloween Havoc Spectacular Delivers

One of the most unique episodes of NXT featured the revival of Halloween Havoc. WWE’s black-and-gold brand produced a very entertaining show with a Halloween theme. Not only was the show good from a creative standpoint, but NXT drew a larger number of overall viewers than AEW. A strong and focused build helped draw the…

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Halloween Havoc Preview: Glancing Back & Looking Ahead To Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal

WWE’s black-and-gold brand is reviving a name once synonymous with World Championship Wrestling. The October tradition of Halloween Havoc returns this Wednesday after a 20-year hiatus for a special episode of NXT. NXT is not only bringing back the name, but also returning is a stipulation match most associated with Halloween Havoc. Wrestlers will “Spin…

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