Top Five – Golovkin Wins By TKO

Golovkin wins by TKO

Photo by the LA Times

What were the top stories last week?

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WWE Elimination Chamber Play By Play – John Cena Vs. Kane In An Ambulance Match

After tonight’s PPV, we should know where things are going for WrestleMania. Santino Marella was put in the Smackdown chamber match after Randy Orton was declared out because of a concussion. But was a tweet earlier today from Christian that alerted us that he may be in Milwaukee for a show. Might Santino be out of the chamber before he was even in?

Looks like we’re opening up with the Raw chamber match, which may lead to a title change in the Smackdown chamber match, or it may not. But it’s a little surprising that the Raw chamber match opens up the show.

1. Raw Elimination Chamber (Chris Jericho vs. The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth vs. Kofi Kingston vs. CM Punk)

Order of entrance: Punk, Kofi, Dolph, R-Truth, The Miz, and Jericho.

Order of exit: R-Truth, Dolph, Kofi, Jericho, Miz

Chris Jericho gets to be the last guy in the cage after winning the match on Raw. CM Punk and Kofi Kingston open up the match. Truth was the first guy to go out after eating a flying elbow drop from Punk. Kofi is the star of the match with all of his athleticism. Jericho finally came in and he and Punk had a minute or so with each other and then Jericho gave Dolph the Codebreaker. Down to four.

Kofi with the high cross from the top of the pod and onto Miz and Punk. Kofi tapped out to the Walls of Jericho. When they were pulling Kofi out of the chamber, Punk kicked Jericho out of the chamber and he took a big fall. Jericho is still out. Miz hit the Skull-crushing Finale for a close two-count on Punk. Punk hit the GTS to beat Miz to keep his belt. Jericho was counted out?

Winner: CM Punk

2. Tamina vs. Beth Phoenix

Crowd doesn’t care at all about this match. They weren’t all that loud for the Raw chamber either. Tamina hit the Superfly splash, but Beth kicked out. There goes Tamina’s gimmick. Beth then finished her with a Glam Slam. Match was fine, neither good or bad.

Winner: Beth Phoenix

Laurinitis came to the ring and campaigned for the Smackdown GM job. He wants to be GM of both brands. Alberto Del Rio returned and backed him. So did Mark Henry. And finally, so did Christian. I can’t believe we paid for that. Otunga took a photo of all of them together in the ring and tweeted it out.
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Aftermath – WWE Breaking Point 2009

The first ever WWE Breaking Point PPV is in the books. This was WWE’s first attempt at a submission only PPV LIVE from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and when you think Montreal, you think two things: Georges St. Pierre and screwjobs; and boy did WWE deliver on at least one of the two. The FGB crew is ready with our thoughts and its interesting because we have very mixed opinions on this show. Let’s check it out:

Big D

Thumbs Down
Best Match: Christian vs. Regal
Worst Match: The Great Khali vs. Kane + The Shitty Finishes

A waste of three hours.

Other than Christian/Regal and to a lesser extent, the first two matches, this show was a complete waist. WWE goes back to the well with not only giving the stale John Cena the title back, but rehashing the Montreal Screwjob finish for the 317th time; leaving fans gipped out of 40 bucks. If Teddy is gonna go heel – PLEASE bring back the doo rag. As traditional with September, this is the worst WWE PPV of the year.

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The Aftermath: WWE Summerslam 2009

WWE’s annual summer showcase show is in the books and while WWE TV didn’t do much to build up the show, it seems like our staff enjoyed it for the most part.


Thumbs slightly up
Best match: Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk
Worst match: The Great Khali vs. Kane (yep, worse than the ten second match)

This should generally be a show that I would say that I really enjoyed. However, there was something missing. It’s simply the “it” that’s missing from wrestling today. Everything generically worked in the ring and the main event was a truly special because of how hard both guys worked to make it a great send off for Jeff Hardy. I even enjoyed DX vs. Legacy, which went way too long and was entirely predictable, but I enjoyed because everyone worked hard. Rey Rey vs. Ziggler was a very good opener and set the tone for the night.

But Cena vs. Orton was booked horribly. It made wrestling in general and Cena as well, look like a complete joke. Cena had Mr. McMahon, the referees, a crazed planted fan, and everyone else in the world behind him trying to help him win the title, and he didn’t. And if he had, he’d have won it with the deck stacked against Orton. I didn’t get it at all.

While MMA and boxing come off as huge events that you can’t miss, this came off as nothing more than a regular monthly PPV to me. Enjoyable, but I don’t feel like anything other than the main event was special or was even booked to be.


Thumbs up
Best Match: tie between Hardy/Punk and Ziggler/Rey
Worst match: Khali/Kane

Very solid show, bookened by two very good matches. The opener was a great back and forth match, and I thought Dolph hung pretty darn well. Main event was a typical TLC singles match, intense brawly type stuff leading to a couple of big spots. The Superplex and the Swanton were just nuts. My favourite thing on the match (and probably the show) was after Jeff blocked the second chair into ring post spot and just went apeshit beating the holy hell out of Punk with strikes and chair shots.

Rest of the show was a mix of decent, poor and average matches. Thought Cryme Tyme did very well for themselves. They had a better showing than all the other “young guys” (MVP, Swagger, Rhodes, DiBiase) in those matches.

Big D

Thumbs WAY Up
Best Match – Hardy/Punk
Worst Match – Khali/Kane

Summerslam far exceeded my expectations and was either the #1 or #2 best WWE PPV of the year. Every single match delivered quality in one way or another other than one and it was the one that we all expected (Kane/Khali). The snobby smark in me would’ve hated the Christian/Regal deal, but I didn’t mind the finish because it made sense that Christian take advantage of Regal while he’s removing his clothes (no homo to that). It reminded me of a fight in PRIDE between Wanderlei Silva and Kazuhiro Nakamura where this happened and that was real. The feud continues.

DX had a Wrestlemania-styled entrance and actually gave Legacy tons of offense. Swagger/MVP, Rey/Ziggler, and the tag title match were also very solid bouts with clean finishes, which is something I am loving about WWE PPVs nowadays. While Orton/Cena may have been a liiiiiiiiittle bit too much of a cluster with all the false-finishes, it was the best worked match between the two that I can remember seeing. The RKO at the end got the biggest pop of the night.

My prediction/idea about Undertaker coming back at the end of the show proved right and it was cool how he did it. Prior to, Hardy and Punk gave career performances in an absolutely sick and painful-looking TLC match. If you had told me months ago that Punk would headling three major WWE PPVs in a row including one of the big four, I’d have called you a fanboy. Well fanboys rejoice! Overall, if you missed this show, 100% worth the replay and DVD.

P.S. WWE needs to run Los Angeles for at least one PPV a year. The crowd was incredibly hot and the production values were stellar, and that made the show feel even MORE important than Wrestlemania this year.

We’ll see you after UFC 102!