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Fight Camp 360: Inside The Super Six World Boxing Classic – Episode 5

The show starts like a movie. Allan Green looks astonished. The picture gets blurry. And Andre Dirrell starts talking about how he thought he got dropped. Brilliant opening.

Days before the fight, Arthur Abraham says he’s been living in a hotel for five months. They show Abraham and Dirrell at the Red Wings game being announced in front of the crowd. They’re fighting at the same venue two days later.

At the weigh-in, Dirrell looks decidedly taller and even a bit bigger. I noticed that at the fight and the difference surprised me.

The way they put the fight together was a mix of live footage and movie-like slow motion footage. It looked like a Rocky montage and made the fight way more interesting than it really was. Kudos to Showtime. It’s really good stuff.

Gary Shaw is a character and a half. And they’re showing him unrestrained.

The chaos at the end of the fight is cinematic. They show Dirrell crying because he’s out on his feet. He didn’t know that he won the fight, even as he went into his dressing room. He was calling for a rematch even though he won.

Abraham’s corner man told him that he gave away six or seven rounds. Abraham wondered what the point difference was when he got disqualified.

Andre went to the hospital and he admitted that he’s still confused and didn’t like winning like that. It seems that he thinks he was losing on points when he won or something.

There’s a money rematch waiting for these guys if they get matched up again. The promoters just made the same point that I did about how they could rematch.

The rest of the episode is about Mikkel Kessler and Carl Froch. Kessler says that his confidence was tested and he was fighting Andre Ward’s fight and not his.

Froch made a great point. He says that it’s hard to become champion, but harder to keep it. You have to train harder. But you’re getting older and it becomes even harder.

Fight Camp 360: Inside The Super Six World Boxing Classic – Episode 2

This episode of Fight Camp 360 focuses on the Andre Ward vs. Mikkel Kessler fight that is set to happen on Saturday, November 21 in Oakland, California.

The show opens with Gary Shaw upset because Carl Froch’s group is late for a press conference with his fighter, Andre Dirrell. Shaw tells Dirrell that on Thursday, he wins the press conference, Friday he wins the weigh-in, and Saturday he wins the fight. I’m not sure if he won the first two, but unfortunately for Dirrell, he lost the third one. I’m not sure he won the press conference either. He was acting like a fool. Though, he did put on a really good performance that could’ve gone either way.

They show how they put together Arthur Abraham’s entrance from his fight with Jermaine Taylor. I think I saw similar theatrics with Michael Jackson’s concert that never happened.

Mikkel Kessler’s shown with his family. His sister said that she never thought he’d stick with boxing because he was such a wussy. Kessler says that the hard training originally attracted him to boxing.

The next scene was with Carl Froch’s girlfriend. This, I approve.

Arthur Abraham didn’t want to talk about which shot he was going to beat Taylor with, while Taylor says his goal was to win the tournament and be back on top.
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Rear Naked Ramblings – Roger Huerta’s Complaint

News and notes from around the MMA, pro wrestling, and boxing world …

Travis Tomko is done with TNA and Big Sexy The Giant Killer is also upset with the company.

– Doug DeLuca and Gary Shaw have both resigned from EliteXC (EXC).

Dave Meltzer’s latest Yahoo! column looks at where the MMA industry currently stands.

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