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Hulk Hogan: Main Event is an awful video game

 Despite a sordid past decade, Hulk Hogan still has a cult-like influence over the wrestling business and has for a long time. He’s one of the biggest stars in wrestling history, and there isn’t much to argue about in that case. Hogan has had multiple television shows based on his likeness over the years,…

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The Virtual Fight Game: What everyone should know about eSports Boxing Club

After a decade, we are finally getting another boxing video game: Esports Boxing Club is a game by Steel City Interactive that promises to be the most realistic boxing game ever created. Recently, ESBC made announcements that have showcased some gameplay footage. It’s said the game will focus on every aspect of boxing, and no…

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Virtual Madness: Lucha Libre’s gaming history

Despite pro wrestling video games being a part of the industry for over 30 years, there haven’t been a lot of lucha libre-centric games out there. The high flying nature of the wrestling and its vibrant masks are perfect for a gaming audience. But when it comes to officially-licensed fare, the industry is almost completely…

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Virtual Madness: PRIDE FC’s gaming history

PRIDE FC’s legacy is a fascinating one. The company blended MMA with pro wrestling-style presentation that topped what other companies were doing at the time, which made their stars seem larger than life. Throughout its existence, PRIDE delivered some of MMA’s most exciting moments, like the Frye-Takayama war, for example, that remains a staple of…

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