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Extreme Rules

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Preview | The WRAP

  Keila Cash and Scott Young are back for a WWE Extreme Rules 2022 preview airing on Peacock this weekend, that includes the duo discussing the following matches and what they think will happen next. Brawling Brutes vs Imperium in a “Donnybrook” match. Edge vs Finn Balor in an “I Quit” match. Drew McIntyre vs…

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Letter To WWE – I’m Done, At Least For Now

I’m done. At least for now. I became a wrestling fan in the mid 70s, with AWA Championship Wrestling on Saturdays at 6PM every week. My fandom continued when the WWF took over the territory, like so many other territories. My fandom expanded when I got access to other promotions on TV, then the wrestling…

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The Horror Show At Extreme Rules Live Coverage – Drew McIntyre Vs Dolph Ziggler

This is The Horror Show at Extreme Rules live coverage. That name looks even sillier in print. We’ll be back for live coverage right at the beginning of the show on the WWE Network. Earlier this morning, Chris DePetrillo wrote about a WWE horror show that he liked. You can read his thoughts on the…

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Slammers of the Silver Screen: No One Lives Is A WWE “Horror Show” Worth Watching

Two monsters seek to destroy each other as they carve a path of violence throughout a dark, murky swamp. A heroic masked man embroiled in a war with a sadistic zealot, a war that promises a gruesome end as both men seek to rip out each other’s eyes. To most people, those sentences read like…

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The Fight Game Podcast – Best Wrestler Alive, G1 Nights 2-5, Fight for the Fallen, and Extreme Rules (Ep. 87)

John and GG are back to chat all the wrestling of the week as well as the best wrestler alive. Subscribe: Stitcher / Google Play / SoundCloud / RSS

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Extreme Rules Live Coverage – Roman Reigns Vs Bobby Lashley

Check out our Extreme Rules live coverage. The show is 12 matches long. We’ll be here for awhile.

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