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WWE Raw Celebrity GMs Should Only Be Used Sparingly

After watching Bob Barker do a tremendous job at being a game show host last night on Raw, I started to wonder how much WWE was going to continue to bend over so that these celebrity GMs don’t look like idiots on national TV. They are definitely working hard to try to make the celebrity…

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The Aftermath: WWE Summerslam 2009

WWE’s annual summer showcase show is in the books and while WWE TV didn’t do much to build up the show, it seems like our staff enjoyed it for the most part. GG Thumbs slightly up Best match: Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk Worst match: The Great Khali vs. Kane (yep, worse than the ten…

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WWE SummerSlam 2009 Live Play By Play

We have a half house here watching SummerSlam. Not quite the type of turn out that we’d get for a UFC PPV, but larger than usual. I think it has something to do with Super China Buffet Day~! Acid Helm, djac13, Eddy Zucko, Young Randall, HJ, my two boys and I are in the building….

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