Road To WrestleMania XXX – Triple H

Triple H's WrestleManiaTriple H’s WrestleMania career started in 1996, which means he’s been featured on more than half of all the WrestleMania shows that have been held, and in many cases, in a main event role. Let’s look at Triple H’s WrestleMania history. Continue reading

The Aftermath – WWE TLC 2009

WWE’s first ever TLC is in the books. WWE’s shocking attempt at actually pushing young talent had mixed results, with Sheamus winning the WWE Championship from John Cena in a finish that none of us could predict, but also with Kofi Kingston losing to Randy Orton cleanly, something that we all feared would happen, but deep down knew it was the route they’d go.


Thumbs Up
Best Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian
Worst Match: Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool

I didn’t think they were going to give Shelton and Christian enough time to steal the show like they wanted, but they did and this was a tremendous match. What it really cemented in my head is that Shelton Benjamin is the single greatest athlete in WWE and he’s wasting his talent. He needs to go into MMA right now. I thought Christian was excellent too. I was fine with the way they put Sheamus over. I just hope they have a plan for him. I don’t think Randy Orton should’ve won the match and I think they’ve pretty much put Kofi in his place. Such a bad botch job with him these last few weeks. Didn’t care as much for Taker/Batista, but Taker worked his butt off. Big Dave is just too slow. And they needed to pull the trigger on that title change. I thought it worked when it happened and thought it was deflating when they restarted the match. DX vs. JeriShow was pretty good, though you knew beforehand that HHH and Show were going to slow it down and they did. I loved the DX double team spots and the finish was really creative.

What bothered me most about the show is that they were building the Mickie/Michelle match to where Layla would help Michelle, which makes complete sense being that the entire angle is 2 on 1. But then when she didn’t even factor into the pin and Michelle pinned Mickie clean, I was just frustrated. Basically, the skinny people can make fun of the non-skinny people and then get away with it. Idiotic booking.

Big D:

Thumbs In the Middle, Leaning Up
Best Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian
Worst Match: Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool

This was a really fun PPV. I’m not a huge fan of doing more than one or two ladder matches per year and this year we have seen about six. Regardless, the matches on this show were all decent to great for different ways. The main event between DX and Jericho was most certainly more toned down than I expected, but still a fun main. Batista and Taker had probably the worst match that they’ve ever had (and they HAVE had some great ones) made even worse by the overly played-out “restart the match” crutch that they apparently use every other PPV. Sheamus winning at first looked like a botch (I assumed he was supposed to fall through the table on the outside simultaneously), but once I saw the replay I knew it wasn’t. Shocking, to say the least. In addition, Drew McIntryre continued his push and Kofi ended his. Overall though, a fun show, but probably not worth 40-50 bucks. Get the DVD.

WWE 2009 TLC – DX Vs. Chris Jericho And Big Show Play By Play

This is the last of the new gimmick PPVs for WWE. It looks like the Hell In A Cell show did pretty well while the submission match PPV didn’t do well at all. And the Bragging Rights show did somewhere in between. I imagine this show should do closer to Hell In A Cell as it’s been one of the better pushed shows of the year and has the right main event.

1. Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian

This is a ladder match and it’s the perfect match to open the show. Most people think this is going to be the best match of the night, but I don’t think it will be given enough time. We’ll see.

They did a spot early in the match where Christian had the ladder over his head and Shelton tripped him, causing the ladder to fall on Christian’s face and it opened him up. The doctor came out to glue the wound shut while the referee had to hold Shelton back. It very much halted the flow of the match.

Shelton did a crazy dive from the ladder to the floor when they were outside. Christian didn’t really catch him and he did what we break dancers used to call the suicide right on his back. Ok, I sucked at break dancing.

Shelton is doing some great stuff with the ladder. He was on the top rope and Christian tried to spear him with the ladder, but Shelton fought it and rode the ladder to try to get the ECW title. Christian teeter tottered it and sent Shelton spilling towards the ropes. But instead of crotching himself, he pushed off the ropes with his feet, caught us balance, and used the falling ladder to clothesline Christian. Just a tremendous few spots.

Shelton is an amazing athlete. He did the sunset flip spot off the top of the ladder and stayed on his feet so that Christian could turn it into a hurricanrana. There was a ladder placed on the outside edge of the apron and it made a little walkway between the apron and the announcer’s table. Christian hit the froggy splash on Shelton on the ladder. Sick stuff.

After that splash, Christian grabbed the belt and won the match. Great opener.

Winner: Christian

2. John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre
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Aftermath – WWE Bragging Rights 2009

The first ever WWE Bragging Rights PPV is in the books. I don’t think any of us here at the Fight Game Blog were particularly enthused when the line up for this show was first announced. It looked like just another weak theme driven PPV offering from WWE. However, there were some polarizing views amongst our staff about how the show played out. So let’s get right in to it:

Big D
Thumbs Down
Best Match: Smackdown vs. Raw 14 man tag
Worst Match: Divas

Kind of an unusual show. Again, to me, almost no PPV WWE has put on is really worth the hefty 39.95 price tag, but this one certainly wasn’t close. Cena and Orton did the best they could to mask their lack of working ability behind gimmicks, but an hour of these two is too much regardless. They can barely entertain for 15 minutes. The 7 on 7 wasn’t as good as I expected and neither was Miz & Morrison. This wasn’t a B show, it was a C show

Thumbs up
Best Match: Cena Vs. Orton
Worst Match: Divas match (not even particularly bad)

I know that I am probably in the minority here, but I thought this was a really enjoyable show. All the undercard matches were fun. The 4 way and the big 14 man tag both far exceeded expectations. I was satisfied with how they handled the Batista turn, and I thought the beat down on Rey was pretty convincing. Jericho celebrating with the Bragging Rights trophy was, as Big D would say, Godlike.
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WWE 2009 Bragging Rights – Raw Vs. Smackdown Play By Play

It’s the inaugural WWE Bragging Rights PPV and while there have been some cold shows before, I’m not sure there’s been one this cold going in all year long. I have to figure out something else to do while watching John Cena and Randy Orton go sixty minutes. Maybe I’ll fold laundry.

They just showed a trophy that the brand winner will take home. They just said that whichever brand wins 2 out of the 3 interbrand matches wins the trophy which is a cup.

1. The Miz Vs. John Morrison

The announcers are now crediting the Miz’s new meaner character to him jobbing to John Cena.

Wow, the Miz actually won the match. It was a nice opener, but nothing to necessarily write home about. They didn’t tease nearly enough to create any kind of drama. Morrison went for the Starship Pain and Miz pushed his feet out from under him. For some reason, falling off the top rope was enough to beat Morrison. Odd finish.

Winner: The Miz

Looks like the Smackdown girls are winning to settle the score.

2. Smackdown Divas vs. Raw Divas
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