Bellator MMA On Spike – Karl Amoussou Vs. Ben Askren Play By Play

King MoI enjoyed the first Bellator on Spike show enough to come back for more. It’s also King Mo’s first Bellator fight and Ben Askren makes a title defense. The welterweight tournament will also be on display tonight.

1. Koffi Adzitso vs. Ben Saunders

Most of the first round was on the ground. Saunders tried setting up a triangle. When they were back on the feet, he hit a knee strike to Adzitso’s face, which was the best shot of the round.

More really good ground work from Saunders. He went from triangle to omaplata, but Adzitso was good defensively. Saunders also knocked him down and tried to finish on the ground, but Saunders missed with his long reach. Limbs are too long for Adzitso.

Saunders just outworked him. Adzitso even tried to back suplex Saunders and Saunders landed on his face. Saunders was working an arm bar at the end of the round. Easy win for Saunders.

Winner: Ben Saunders by way of unanimous decision

2. Douglas Lima vs. Michail Tsarev
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