WWE Over The Limit Play By Play – John Cena Vs. John Laurinaitis

After such a great PPV last month, this one doesn’t look so hot. They’ve cooled off Brock Lesnar considerably and now, Johnny Ace is in the main event and John Cena is right back in the ring. The product is so cold, but as shown by Rock and Lesnar, can have hot moments. But they spend so much time trying to cool off those hot moments. It’s pretty laughable.

1. Jobber Battle Royal for a shot at the IC or US title

Okay, not all of these guys were jobbers. The returning Christian, Miz, and William Regal were in the match. I saw Tyson Kidd in there. The final three came down to Christian, Miz, and David Otunga. After eliminating Otunga, it came down to Christian and Miz and the ending was pretty predictable. Miz thought he won, but he didn’t, and Christian eliminated him.

Winner: Christian

Christian chose Santino.

2. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

How do Ziggler and Swagger not have an official team name?

It was a very old school and traditional tag match psychology with tremendous athleticism. All four guys did a great job. Swagger and Ziggler had the heat on Truth forever. Hot tag to Kofi and all the high spots followed. Ziggler hit the Zig Zag and Truth broke it up. Truth did a dive over the top rope and Miz didn’t catch him. Just kidding. Ziggler ran towards Kofi and ate a Trouble In Paradise.

Winner: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

3. Beth Phoenix vs. Layla
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2012 Royal Rumble Play By Play – 30 Man Royal Rumble

It’s my favorite PPV of the year and it generally delivers. We’ve done tremendous coverage on the show on the site so far with our preview articles and all that’s left is the wrestling.

1. Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry vs. The Big Show

The story of this match is that Daniel Bryan is a pinball and he’s bouncing around for Big Show and Mark Henry. Mark Henry couldn’t really do anything. He was not the world’s strongest man tonight. He could barely get his foot off the ground.

Bryan went to the top of the cage to try and leave, but the every so swift Big Show kept catching him. Big Show trapped Daniel Bryan’s arm and then also had him by his head so it looked like Bryan was hanging from the top of the cage, which was pretty cool. Show had a grip on him and Bryan was hanging from Show’s wrists, and finally let go and won the match.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Bryan did the “Yes” screams after the match. (Photo sent in by my friend Jenn who is there live.)

2. The Bellas, Natalya, and Beth Phoenix vs. Alicia Fox, Eve, Kelly Kelly, and Tamina

Beth Phoenix tagged herself in by slapping one of the bellas pretty hard, immediately gave Kelly Kelly the Glam Slam for the win. Beth projects her character better than most of the dude wrestlers.

Winner: The Bellas, Natalya, and Beth Phoenix

3. John Cena vs. Kane
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2010 WWE Bragging Rights Results

This is the first WWE PPV I have passed on in a pretty long time, so the results are via F4W/Wrestling Observer.

Daniel Bryan beat Dolph Ziggler with the LeBell lock.

Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre had to face the mystery team of John Cena and David Otunga. Cena made Rhodes tap with the STFU. They are the new tag team champions.

Ted DiBiase Jr. pinned Goldust with a DDT.

Layla pinned Natalya after Michelle McCool kicked Natalya.

Kane beat Undertaker in a Buried Alive match with help from Nexus.

Team Smackdown won their second Bragging Rights trophy in a row as Edge and Rey Mysterio were the last men standing in the elimination match.

Wade Barrett beat Randy Orton by DQ after Cena “attacked” Barrett with the FU. Barrett said he would fire Cena if he didn’t win the match, so Cena got him the DQ win.

2010 SummerSlam – The Nexus Vs. Team Raw (Daniel Bryan Returns)

This is WWE’s most important PPV since WrestleMania. The Nexus angle has been one of the better things in WWE in a while and it feels kind of edgy. Since when has WWE felt edgy?

Along with Nexus, The Miz is over like hot cakes, Sheamus has done a great job as champion, and even Randy Orton seems like he has a little fire in his belly. Many people can be made tonight. We’ll see what WWE thinks is hot after this show is over. Let’s only hope they can continue to give the newer guys the rub. It’s sorely needed.

1. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

Vicki is all dolled up tonight.

Hmmm. The match was ok, with both guys doing their normal spots. Nothing special, but nothing was wrong either. Kofi missed the Trouble In Paradise and Dolph locked in the sleeper hold. Then the Nexus came in and jumped both guys. Dolph was dumped out on the floor and Kofi was jumped Nexus style. Darren Young hit his full nelson-like slam and then Wade Barrett hit his fireman’s carry slam.

Winner: Who knows?

I think it was fine to do it this time, and it did give them heat. But if they do it continuously throughout the show, it could get old quickly.

Jericho and Edge tried to get Miz to join the team. Jericho promised him it’d be bigger than both Avatar and the Titanic.

2. Alicia Fox vs. Melina

They should’ve worked together more before this match. I think they had some good ideas, but the timing was off. There was a delay on the Matrix move that Melina stole from Trish and it stopped the match dead. Then, she hit a one legged drop kick, or maybe it wasn’t supposed to be a one legged drop kick. She beat Fox with a face buster. It wasn’t very competitive.

Winner: Melina

Melina started to cry and Josh Matthews came into the ring to interview her. Michelle McCool and Layla came out to chastise her and she tried to beat them both. Of course, that didn’t work. Alicia tried to get her kicks in on Melina and LayCool beat up Alicia too.

3. The Straight Edge Society vs. The Big Show

Fun match for what it was. They did all the big man and strong man spots. It wasn’t much of a match as it was tornado style, so it was more of a brawl. The best part was early on when Show cleaned house on Joey Mercury and Luke Gallows and then he looked at CM Punk and Punk grabbed the tag rope. Show choke slammed Mercury onto Gallows for the win. Punk ran off.

Winner: The Big Show

Kane and Sheamus had a romantic talk backstage. Not quite Heidenreich and Snitsky, thankfully. They teased something down the line.

The Miz came out and cut a great promo about how all of Team Raw came out and tried to butter him up. His best line was that John Cena told him that he was the only one who could see him. He said he would join Team WWE and he will lead them to victory. It was fantastic stuff. He’s got “it”.

4. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton
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WWE NXT First Week Thoughts

I wanted to give a few thoughts on the new WWE NXT show. It’s very unpolished. I’m not sure they even have an idea for what they want to do. It seems like it was decided to go this route very late in the game and it’s just all over the place.

I have a some quick thoughts:
– It took Daniel Bryan a little while to get going, but I thought he out-promoed The Miz, and I love The Miz’s work. I think The Miz overdid it a bit simply to highlight their differences in personalities. But yikes, Miz looked like a giant next to Bryan.
– Why would you have a mentor even wrestle a rookie? Do you get these guys over by just beating them quickly and easily? When has that ever worked?
– When David Otunga said that he was going to win NXT, what the heck did he mean? And Otunga needs a bra badly. But I did like his catchphrase, “Come on man, Google me.” It should be, “Thanks to my fiance Jennifer Hudson, I’m not on bad reality television trying to win the love of someone Flavor Flav said no to anymore.”
– Darren Young looks like Orlando Jordan. Has to be a rib right?
– Is there any more proof that they had no content for this show than going to commercial three times before Bryan and Jericho finally wrestled?
– Matt Striker as the sideline reporter comes off as a complete joke, but then again, maybe that’s what it’s supposed to be.
– Why did they have Michael Cole take the heel role and not Striker when it came to shooting down wrestling fans?
– If Bryan is a rookie, then what does that make generic guys on Raw and Smackdown who get pinned quickly on TV?

Overall, I was very unimpressed with the show. On the positive tip, we got to see about 10% of Bryan Danielson’s work, but it was still better than any match on Raw yesterday thanks to both he and Jericho.

Also, if this is an introductory show, why were all the guys not introduced? It just seems that they really don’t know what they want to do with the concept and I would’ve rather seen either a reality show like Tough Enough or just a spruced up version of FCW.

WWE NXT Roster And Mentors

Big D and I wondered about WWE NXT and though we didn’t actually predict what the show was going to be, we definitely threw out the idea that we could see a seasonal Tough Enough kind of show a few weeks back on FGB Radio.

Earlier today Brian Fritz wrote about the concept and some of the FCW guys that were going to be on the show. And tonight, according to F4W/Wrestling Observer, it was announced on ECW who was going to be on the show (I haven’t watched ECW yet, but I trust these are right.)

Mentor is on the left with FCW talent on the right.

Chris Jericho/Wade Barrett
Matt Hardy/Justin Gabriel
MVP/Skip Sheffield
Carlito/Michael Tarver
Miz/Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson)
Christian/Heath Slater
C.M. Punk/Darren Young
R-Truth/for David Otunga (Jennifer Hudson’s fiance)

So, it doesn’t look like Kaval, Joe Hennig, or Brett DiBiase are on the show, like rumored. But what an interesting set of mentors we have. The mentors who probably do have some great advice for these guys include Chris Jericho who wrestled all over the world, Matt Hardy who really came into the business as a puppy and has survived, Christian who though not as worldly as Jericho, has survived fairly unscathed while being pretty successful, and CM Punk who was labeled as too indy, but has become one of WWE’s biggest stars.

MVP hasn’t been in the business very long, but is known to be a student of the game, so that should help him. Carlito was born in the business, but he has been super inconsistent in his WWE career. Ron Killings is interesting in that he’s on the older end of the crew, but is very young in his WWE years even though he was with them as K-Kwik.

But the most intriguing pairing is The Miz and Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan just seems too weird to say). The humor in all of this is that Danielson would probably be the best mentor of them all, but because he’s new to WWE and they want to get him over, he has to be on this show. And I think pairing him with The Miz will be very humorous. I imagine he can definitely learn one or two things from The Miz when it comes to showmanship and self-expression, but Miz could probably learn more from Danielson about everything else.

I am definitely tuning in next week for sure.