Wrestlemania 2000 – A McMahon In Every Corner

It was a good time for WWE. They were winning the Monday Night Wars. The product was in the midst of its largest pop culture influence since the mid 80s. Wrestlemania 2000 was supposed to be huge. It was going to be an event of epic propotions. They scheduled “Wrestlemania All Day Long” on PPV which was a look back at the first 15 Wrestlemanias. And then someone made a left turn at Albuquerque.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was out with a neck injury. It was only a year before when Austin and the Rock looked like the future of the company. It was only two years before when Austin took the torch from Shawn Michaels and looked destined to become the biggest star of all time. And now, he was hurt, missing the biggest show of the year.

Early in 2000, Mankind and Triple H were tearing up arenas and making for some intriguing TV. Late in 1999, Triple H beat the Big Show for the championship and was without a contender. Mick Foley, fresh off his success of putting out the most successful wrestling autobiography in history, decided that he had one last run in him. Triple H started making fun of Foley’s success as an author, and played your basic a-hole heel perfectly. When Foley, as Mankind, decided that he’d had enough, he simply changed t-shirts and transformed into Cactus Jack. Triple H sold it as if he’d seen a ghost. Cactus Jack was back. He had two great matches with Triple H and at No Way Out, retired after losing a Hell In A Cell match.
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Big D Reviews Wrestlewarehouse.com’s Mike Modest Shoot Interview

”The Natural One” Michael Modest. Mainstream wrestling fans know him as the kid from “Beyond the Mat” who had a dark match on WWF Television during the peak of the wrestling boom. NOAH fans remember him as a hard-hitting gai-jin and a lot of his matches with tag partner Donovan Morgan. Bay Area wrestling fans, specially APW elitists, see him as a “Wrestling God”, no disrespect to JBL.

Wrestlewarehouse.com presents the first in it’s series of brand new shoot interviews, a sit down interview with “The Natural One” Michael Modest, conducted by Rubber Guard Radio host Kid Zombie. KZ and Wrestle Warehouse take Mike down memory lane, covering his entire career from A-Z up until now for two hours and forty five minutes.

Modest CoverEarly on, Mike talks about how he got into wrestling in due part to his uncle and how he was attracted to the legendary Ray “The Crippler” Stevens up to his first match as an enhancement talent, putting over Koko B. Ware of all people, at age 18. “Playboy” Buddy Rose is revealed as the first guy Mike ever worked who actually listened to him and did the moves that he wanted, until he got punched right in the nose. And Wrestling is supposed to be fake… right?

“Your name’s not Dean mate, it’s fucking mark!”

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