UFC On Fox Live Coverage – Robbie Lawler Vs Matt Brown

UFC on Fox live coverage

We are live at the former HP Pavilion (now the SAP Center) in San Jose, also the former home of Strikeforce. Check out our UFC on Fox live coverage. Continue reading

UFC Fight Night: Nogueira Vs. Nelson Live Coverage

nogueira vs. nelson

Photo via MMA Mania

This is a Fight Pass only show from Abu Dhabi and while it’s not a big time card with a huge main event, there are some interesting match-ups and fan favorites fighting. It should be a fun show.

Here’s our live coverage of UFC Fight Night from Abu Dhabi: Nogueira Vs. Nelson: Continue reading

UFC 164 Play By Play – Benson Henderson Vs. Anthony Pettis II

UFC 164 play by play

It’s the rematch to the last WEC fight and a rematch to one of the best title fights in recent MMA history. Will Benson Henderson continue to win close fights and establish himself as one of the best championship rounds fighter? Or is it Anthony Pettis’ time?

Here’s our UFC 164 play by play:

1. Dustin Poirier vs. Erik Koch

Poirier got Koch down quickly, but put himself right into a triangle attempt. Koch didn’t look to have it, but eventually did sync it in. It was comical as Poirier tried to manuever out of it and couldn’t. It was like a cat trying to chase its tail. Koch ate a nasty right hook out of a clinch and it looked over. He couldn’t finish him with punches so tried an arm triangle, but Koch hung on. Has to be close to a 10-8 for Poirier. Continue reading

UFC On Fox 6 – John Dodson Vs. Demetrious Johnson Play By Play

UFC on Fox 6If you missed it, yesterday we previewed the top three fights on the show.

On the biggest two fights on the FX prelims, Clay Guida won a questionable decision over Hatsu Hioki which either should’ve gone to Hioki or maybe should’ve been a draw, and TJ Grant annihilated Matt Wiman, who doesn’t go by the nickname of handsome anymore, and after taking multiple elbows to the face, might not be handsome anymore.

1. Ricardo Lamas vs. Erik Koch

Koch played defense for most of the round and was tied up fighting the takedown. Lamas is also the quicker and more active of the two so far.

That didn’t take long. Lamas slipped, Koch tried to get on top, but Lamas ended up on top and just drilled him with elbow after elbow. Game, set, match.

Winner: Ricard Lamas by way of 2nd round TKO

2. Donald Cerrone vs. Anthony Pettis
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Rear Naked Ramblings – Maynard/Guida, UFC 147, And Victor Ortiz

Duan and Big D are of the opinion that there is simply too much MMA on TV. Cactus Jim and I are of the opinion that as viewers, we can pick and choose what is important to watch and thus, more MMA isn’t necessarily a problem. However, when it comes to B-level shows, I’ve noticed that I’ve been choosing to either skip entirely or watch later on my DVR more often than not. In that way, MMA is becoming far more like WWE than I’d hoped it would. And when I say MMA, I really do mean UFC since I’m not even going to bother with Bellator if I can’t keep up with the UFC.

– Dana White likes to say that Ben Askren is boring, and there’s definitely an argument to that. However, I think I’d rather watch Askren own someone at a game he’s really good at than watch two really good wrestlers have a sparring match, which was pretty much what we got with Gray Maynard and Clay Guida. I was super interested in the fight, but found myself bored entirely except when Maynard couldn’t take it anymore and just dropped his hands begging Guida to engage. Guida was once a must-see star on the rise. Now? Well, I’ve found his style much less interesting of late. It’s one thing to be in and out with your boxing. But he’s often more out than in.
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