Top Five – WWE Announces A Brand Split

WWE announces a brand split

What were the top stories last week?

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FGB Radio – Marquez Vs. Alvarado Preview

Marquez vs. Alvarado preview

Duan (aka duandub and I are back to discuss all the news in boxing including a preview of Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Mike Alvarado. Here’s what you’ll hear on the show:

– Recap of Pacquiao/Bradley
– Discussion about the PPV buyrate and what’s next for Manny
– Recap of Mayweather/Maidana
– Is there a big fight on the horizon for Mayweather? Maidana part 2? Canelo part 2?
– What to make of the rumored De La Hoya and Schaefer beef
– Stiverne/Arreola
– Where Deontay Wilder fits into the heavyweight mix
– Full Marquez vs. Alvarado preview

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Video – Chris Arreola Vs. Nagy Aguilera: Full Fight

Chris Arreola fought on the undercard of the Andre Ward vs. Arthur Abraham fight last weekend. Goossen Tutor has put up the fight in its entirety for anyone to check out. Watch below:

HBO Boxing – Sergio Martinez Vs. Paul Williams Play By Play

On the undercard, Cris Arreola overwhelmed a very game Brian Minto who was smaller and didn’t hit as accurately or as hard. He had to resort to taking a big shot in order to throw some big hooks, but he finally went down for good in the 4th round.

Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez are happening because Kelly Pavlik tried to postpone his original fight with Williams twice. Pavlik has had a few issues with staph, and simply not being physically ready, and some think that he really just didn’t want to fight. Thus, Martinez is in and stepping up a bit in weight against the pogo stick up and down weighted Williams, though they’re generally the same weight in the ring tonight.

Shout out to our good friend Tim Starks at his boxing blog Queensberry Rules. He is live at this fight and he’s also moved his site over to a new blog host.

Sergio Martinez vs. Paul Williams

Williams has some of the ugliest ring gear that I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s wearing metallic purple trunks with orange trim and purple gloves and shoes. It took all of a minute for Williams to put him down with a left hand on the top of the head. Martinez’s best shot was a lead overhand left that stung Williams a bit. It looks like that’s going to be his go-to punch for the fight as he’s thrown in another time. Wow, right before the bell, Martinez put Williams down with a big right hook. Amazing first round.

Harold Lederman gave the first round to Martinez even though both guys put each other down. It’s based on the idea that Martinez’s shot was more hurtful to Williams than the other way around. I doubt all three of those judges saw it that way because it was an easy 9-9 to score. I can definitely see his mentality on that.

Martinez opened up even more in this round. Every time Williams comes in Martinez has a left hand waiting for him. He’s also throwing a great jab. Martinez had Williams’ off-balanced and out of whack. Strong round for him.
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HBO Boxing – Chris Arreola Vs. Vitali Klitschko Play By Play

Before the fight, HBO is showing last weekend’s Floyd Mayweather vs. Juan Manuel Marquez one-sided fight.

Larry Merchant interviewed Chris Arreola and asked him why he would win. Arreola said it was because he trained to win. I’m sure someone has a joke ready for that one.

After the Mayweather/Marquez was over, they didn’t show the after fight shenanigans which is interesting, because I thought that was the most intriguing part of the night, when it came to building up something.

But they did talk about it when Lampley interviewed Mayweather. Mayweather did cut a promo on Shane where he said that Mosley walked away from fighting him twice. Lampley asked him about the weight issue and Mayweather said that anything over 140 is a middleweight fight and then apologized for the shenanigans in the ring. This dude just deviates completely from the questions. It’s pretty hilarious.

Just by the pre-fight package, it looks like Arreola and company are jumping into deep waters. But being that it’s Vitali, he probably has a puncher’s chance. If anything, it should be a very entertaining fight.

Chris Arreola vs. Vitali Klitschko

Klitschko is nearly four inches taller than Arreola.

Arreola has some really good head movement and is working to get inside, but Klitschko is peppering him with a left hand to keep him at bay. He’s throwing an uppercut on the backend of his combination as well as a looping right hand. Arreola looked just a tad frustrated.

The action picked up, but the round was sloppy at times. It looks like Arreola’s goal is to just pressure Klitschko and make him fight a fight that he doesn’t want to. Just like Arreola was frustrated in the first, Klitschko looked a bit frustrated by Arreola’s success in turning it into a bit of a brawl in the second round. Klitschko is definitely on his toes. Klitschko has won both rounds.
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