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Carlito Colon

WWE Wrestlemania XXV Live Report

In two hours, I’ll update this post with a live report of Wrestlemania. I will be live from Reliant Stadium as long as I have cell phone access in the building. Big D put up a preview of the big show yesterday. I have a live report of the Hall of Fame ceremony from last…

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Official Fight Game Blog Wrestlemania XXV Preview

With my buddy GG at Houston currently participating in Wrestlemania 25 weekend festivities (poor guy almost lost his tickets!), I, the Beautiful Big D, have decided to take the bull by the horns and organize your official ONE STOP SHOP, thorough Wrestlemania preview on FightGameBlog. Today we will look at all nine matches and we…

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WWE 2008 Survivor Series – John Cena vs. Chris Jericho Play By Play

Survivor Series is in Boston and guess who is coming back? Yep, John Cena. I bet he still gets booed. Remember when this show was the Thanksgiving tradition? I remember watching this on Thanksgiving and then they moved it to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (Hogan vs. Undertaker). The first Survivor Series show was in 1987….

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Smackdown Debut on MyNetwork TV Play By Play

I wouldn’t usually blog about Raw or Smackdown, but this is the biggest Raw or Smackdown show in a very long time. They’ve done a great job publicizing the event, and you could say they’ve done a better job than promoting the PPV. There are many champion versus champion matches. But it looks like we’re…

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