Dynamite!! 2010 – Todd Duffee Vs. Alistair Overeem

Seven hours of MMA madness. No introduction is necessary. Let’s get to it.

The opening of the show featured singers congregating in gospel-like fashion singing, “Oh Happy Day”. On the big screen was clips from other Dream shows and also clips of Dream fighters fighting at Strikeforce. And then the fighters were allowed a couple seconds of screen time to show off their dance moves. Satoshi Ishii did a move where he grabbed his crotch and swiveled his hips like he was a modern day Ravishing Rick Rude.

The announcers are Frank Trigg and Michael Schiavello, aka The Voice.

Looks like the Bob Sapp fight is off. The excuse is that he lost his will to fight. Ha! Sounds like it’s a last minute contract renegotiation.

1. Andy Ologun vs. Katsuaki Furuki

Furuki is a former baseball player. This fight is three, five minute rounds.

The fight started in the clinch with Furuki throwing short, inside punches, but taking nasty knees to his midsection from Ologun. Olugun knocked him woozy with a stiff straight right and Furuki didn’t know where he was. He was throwing back, but they were loopy punches that had no chance. Ologun fell backwards with a guillotine while Furuki’s nose was bleeding all over the mat. Furuki got out of the submission and then quickly got into the mount. Furuki is tough, though out of his league here so far.

Furuki got a takedown from the clinch, but Ologun reversed position. Furuki worked on a kimura for a couple of minutes and Ologun fought it the entire way. With just over 30 seconds left, Ologun reversed him, but Furuki locked in a triangle just as the bell rang. Furuki might be winning this fight now.

Furuki was impressive in staying on top of Ologun, but caught a nasty right hand near the end of the round.

Winner: Andy Ologun by decision

Furuki is going to need some stitches over his left eye. You can see the insides of his eye brow.

2. Kazuyuki Miyata vs. Caol Uno

Miyata came out to a blending of Tupac Shakur with the instrumental to Eye Of The Tiger. That’s a win.

Uno won the first five minutes with some great in and out striking. He was landing punches and inside leg kicks. He’s wearing some sort of knee sleeve/pad and some wicked gold shoes.
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UFC Fight Night Play By Play – Kenny Florian Vs. Takanori Gomi

Originally I heard that by bringing in Takanori Gomi, the UFC was trying to set up a fight between him and BJ Penn. But then they decided to match him up with Kenny Florian who is just a small step below the greatness of Penn. I’m not so sure Gomi is going to get that fight with Penn.

This fight night card is the precursor to The Ultimate Fighter Season 11.

1. Dennis Siver vs. Ross Pearson

Strong first round for both guys. Siver stood toe-to-toe with Pearson and they both landed some heavy shots. Pearson was able to get him down and worked the body triangle to get his back and when he turned over, he tried for some ground and pound. It looked like Siver was cut. But Siver got back on his feet and landed some good shots.

Siver threw a Cung Le spinning back kick that landed. Pearson threw a flying left knee that landed glancingly. Even tough not much damage was landed by either guy, Pearson controlled the stand-up and was just quicker with his strikes and in and out more. Siver looks like a 155 pound Brock Lesnar facially.

Pearson landed a nice one-two combination and he followed through so well on his right hand, he fell right into a takedown. Siver wasn’t able to hold him down and was taken down himself. Pearson was just quicker to the punches, though Siver did get a quick takedown to try to steal the third round.

Winner: Ross Pearson by way of unanimous decision

Hey, Jeff Hardy is in the crowd. At least we know there will be a great after party.

2. Nate Quarry vs. Jorge Rivera
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UFC 99 – The Aftermath

UFC 99 wasn’t a must-see blow away show. But it did have a few good fights and a great performance from Wanderlei Silva, who at the end, looked like someone who understands his place in the world of MMA. He’s a legendary name, and because of his ability to show his charisma, his name will continue to draw even if his fighting isn’t up to the necessary standards. Time will tell on that one.

Here’s the feedback from the FGB crew:

Cactus Jim

Show overall rating: Thumbs In The Middle

Best Fight: Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva
Worst Fight: Mike Swick vs. Ben Saunders
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UFC 99 – Rich Franklin Vs. Wanderlei Silva Play By Play

This is one of those shows that should be entertaining, though there might not a lot of attachment to some of the fights themselves because there are really no grudge matches.

Dan Hardy vs. Marcus Davis is trying to be built as one, and I give them credit for trying, but it’s still a mid-card fight. But like I said, it’s going to be an entertaining show. We’ll see whether or not Cain Velasquez is the real deal (I’m going to guess yes) and whether or not Wanderlei Silva has something left. I’m also excited to see Ben Saunders take on Mike Swick. I think it’s a bit early for Saunders to beat someone like Swick, but I think he’ll show us something. And it’s always fun to see Mirko Cro Cop right, even if he’s not the same guy as he was just three years ago.

Hardy vs. Davis is up first.

1. Dan Hardy vs. Marcus Davis

After some early trading, Davis pushed him up against the cage looking for the takedown. Hardy fought it well, but Davis used a trip to get him down and immediately went from half guard to the mount. Hardy pushed him back into his guard. Back on their feet, Hardy nailed him with a big elbow and rocked Davis a bit with punches. Davis probably eeks the round out because of the early domination on the ground, but Hardy made it close near the end.

There was some good stand-up by both guys early in the round. Hardy was content on countering Davis’ left hand until Davis started to land it. Then Hardy started to strike first. Hardy nailed the best shot of the fight so far with a knee to the head that put Davis down. Hardy wasn’t able to do anything on the ground and Davis went for an arm bar that he didn’t get until the referee stood them back up. Davis landed a nice left hand and got the takedown to end the round. Davis came back at the end of the round, but it’s probably Hardy’s round.

Davis had Hardy on his back to start the round, but Hardy turned the tables and bloodied up Davis by cutting him over his nose. The referee wanted the doctor to check the cut and Davis kind of wobbled in trying to get up. He was fine and they were put back down with Hardy in Davis’ guard. Hardy ended up getting the better of their exchanges to end the fight and I think that might be what separates these guys when it comes to the scorecards. It doesn’t hurt Hardy’s chances when you look at Davis’ face. He’s a bloody mess.

Winner: Dan Hardy by way of split decision

Davis was pissed and wouldn’t shake his hand. Hardy got over pretty well with his interview. It was a pretty good fight and made me want to see Hardy again.

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UFC 99 Weigh-in Results

Thanks to F4W/Wrestling Observer for the details.

Also, AngryMarks.com has information on who had heat at the weigh-ins.


Rick Story (169) vs. John Hathaway (170)

Stefan Struve (248) vs. Denis Stojnic (241)

Roli Delgado (155) vs. Paul Kelly (156)

Paul Taylor (169) vs. Peer Sobotta (169)

Dale Hartt (156) vs. Dennis Siver (156)

Justin Buccholz (155) vs. Terry Etim (156)

Live Show

Mostapha Al-Turk (236) vs. Mirko Cro Cop (233)

Caol Uno (155) vs. Spencer Fisher (154)

Dan Hardy (170) vs. Marcus Davis (171)

Ben Saunders (169) vs. Mike Swick (169)

Cheick Kongo (230) vs. Cain Velasquez (239)

Wanderlei Silva (194) vs. Rich Franklin (194)

DREAM 5: Lightweight Grand Prix Finals – Play By Play

Dream officials have been forced to rethink the line up for this show, due to several of their marquee names being forced off the card. Nick Diaz was pulled from the show by EXC, “Kid” Yamamoto withdrew after sustaining a knee injury, the Mirko Cro Cop versus Jerome LeBanner fight was dropped, and it’s uncertain whether Hideo Tokoro can fight after being involved in a car crash last week. So alot of this card still remains a mystery.

There’s one thing we know for certain though, Dream’s first lightweight champion will be crowned by the end of this show. Shinya Aoki will fight Caol Uno in one semi, while Eddie Alvarez and Tatsuya Kawajiri will face off in the other. The winners will go on to meet in the grand prix final later on in the night.

It’s the usual HDNet commentary team of Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice calling the action. We start off the show with a recap of the tournament so far. This is Followed by the usual introductions of each fighter to the live crowd. Nakamura vs. Ologun is up first.

1. Daisuke Nakamura vs. Andy Ologun

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