Top Five – Seth Rollins Returns At Extreme Rules

Seth Rollins returns

What were the top stories last week?

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2011 FGB Awards – Boxing

It was yet another boxing year where the two biggest fighters in the sport had the biggest fights, but not against each other. Manny Pacquiao won an easy decision against Shane Mosley and then a close decision in fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. Floyd Mayweather beat Victor Ortiz in an odd fight after Ortiz earned his chance by beating Andre Berto in an outstanding slugfest.

And the Super Six World Boxing Classic finally ended and Andre Ward was declared the winner after defeating Carl Froch in the tournament final.

Jake Emen, managing editor at, Jason Hagholm co-host of FGB Radio, and Big D from Superfriends Universe join Duan and me with picks for the 2011 FGB boxing awards.

Boxer Of The Year

Jake – Andre Ward

Andre Ward navigated the Super Six and emerged undefeated, with two title belts and the tournament championship. Not only did he beat Carl Froch, Mikkel Kessler and Arthur Abraham, he dominated them all. Ward is the clear choice for Fighter of the Year – his two 2011 performances over Froch and Abraham are enough to justify that – and it’s the culmination of a longer journey which led him from unproven to division kingpin.

Duan – Andre Ward

In a year when a lot of the sport’s big names had bad nights, Ward’s consistency has to be admired. He’s earned the right to be called the best Super Middleweight in the world.

Jason – Andre Ward

Andre Ward won the Super 6 and dominated some of the best fighters boxing has to offer.

Big D – Miguel Cotto

Great year for the Puerto Rican with a win over Ricardo Mayorga and a sweet win over Antonio Margarito. People are talking Pac for 2012 already!? I’d like to see it again!

GG – Andre Ward

The Super Six final against Carl Froch clinched it for Ward. It wasn’t just that he won the tournament. It was the way he won it. He clearly won all of his fights, going through some great boxers along the way.

Fight Of The Year
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