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Cactus Jack

Video – Andre The Giant And Cactus Jack Were Once In A Tag Match Together

Mick Foley tweeted out a tag match with he and Andre The Giant on opposing sides in AJPW in 1991. Andre could barely make it through the ropes at this point in his career.

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Wrestlemania 2000 – A McMahon In Every Corner

It was a good time for WWE. They were winning the Monday Night Wars. The product was in the midst of its largest pop culture influence since the mid 80s. Wrestlemania 2000 was supposed to be huge. It was going to be an event of epic propotions. They scheduled “Wrestlemania All Day Long” on PPV…

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Wrestlemania XIV – Cold Stone And Iron Mike Tyson

If you remember one thing about Wrestlemania XIV, it will be that it started what was known as the Stone Cold era in the WWF. Steve Austin was arguably the most popular wrestler for his time as well as the biggest money maker in the business during his stretch of being on top. Austin’s ascent…

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From The Vault DUSTED OFF

Well haven’t done one of these in a while so I figured I should step up. Some random thoughts on old stuff I’ve watched recently. ALL JAPAN 1993 Kobashi & Misawa vs. Hansen & BIG BOSS MAN (?) Boss Man in All Japan!!! Weirdness, but greatness. He immediately gets the crowd into him by busting…

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