UFC 164 Play By Play – Benson Henderson Vs. Anthony Pettis II

UFC 164 play by play

It’s the rematch to the last WEC fight and a rematch to one of the best title fights in recent MMA history. Will Benson Henderson continue to win close fights and establish himself as one of the best championship rounds fighter? Or is it Anthony Pettis’ time?

Here’s our UFC 164 play by play:

1. Dustin Poirier vs. Erik Koch

Poirier got Koch down quickly, but put himself right into a triangle attempt. Koch didn’t look to have it, but eventually did sync it in. It was comical as Poirier tried to manuever out of it and couldn’t. It was like a cat trying to chase its tail. Koch ate a nasty right hook out of a clinch and it looked over. He couldn’t finish him with punches so tried an arm triangle, but Koch hung on. Has to be close to a 10-8 for Poirier. Continue reading

UFC On Fox 4 – Brandon Vera Vs. Shogun Rua Play By Play

How did Brandon Vera get a main event on Fox you say? I really don’t know myself. You can probably blame all the injuries and some of the lack of depth in the light heavyweight division. The reality of the situation is that Brandon Vera shouldn’t be in this main event. In fact, we should be seeing Shogun vs. Machida III and let Vera and Bader fight on the undercard. But, that wasn’t the case and we get to see Brandon Vera, who is many many years away from his peak. He has a natural story and UFC fans have seen him for a very long time, but what’s the upside of him winning? There really isn’t because he’s already been destroyed by Jon Jones. However, I’m kind of rooting for it. I would love to see Dana White and Joe Silva have to just throw their plans away and say that instead, Alexander Gustafsson will get the shot. Jones has already beating Shogun, Machida, Bader, and Vera. What’s the upside? There isn’t one.

1. DaMarques Johnson vs. Mike Swick

Exciting first round – Swick landed some bombs and Johnson was rocked, but he put his head down and started swinging hard and caught Swick, who had to back off. On the feet, Swick probably got the better of the exchanges, but when they went to the ground, it was Johnson’s game. He had Swick on his back, tried a D’Arce choke and was just stronger on top. Swick could do nothing from the bottom.

Wow. Swick caught Johnson’s leg, pushed him down and landed three shots on the button from the top and Johnson was out.

Winner: Mike Swick by way of 2nd round TKO

2. Jamie Varner vs. Joe Lauzon
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Aftermath – UFC 125 & Dynamite!! 2010

What a weekend last weekend was for MMA. If you had HDNet, you could’ve watched the marathon-like Dynamite!! 2010 show and then followed it up with the UFC 125 show and the epic Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard title fight.

We’ll start with the Dynamite!! show and then move onto UFC 125.

Dynamite!! 2010

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Bibiano Fernandes (although Tetsuya Yamato vs. Akiyo Nishiura was very good)
Worst Fight: Jason High vs. Hasato Sakurai

If a show lasts 7 hours, and the time flies and I never lose interest then it’s an automatic thumbs up!!! Just an awesome awesome presentation. No blowaway fight which is disappointing when there are 15 fights on the show, but still, a good 12 of them were very enjoyable. Highlights for me included Takaya winning a good main event, Overeem looking like the biggest beast ever, the Aoki fight with the Cosplay dude(tte), Miyata’s German Suplexes, the damn heelish boxer and of course Trigg In A Wig.

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Kyotaro vs. Gegard Mousasi
Worst Fight: Hiroshi Izumi vs. Minowaman

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UFC 125 – Gray Maynard Vs. Frankie Edgar

We’ve talked a lot about this New Year’s Day card on the site. Just search for UFC 125 if you want to take a look at what we’ve written and if you want to check out the podcast we did earlier in the week.

I would imagine the show isn’t going to do a good buyrate because of the lack of star power in the main event, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be a good show.

Clay Guida and Takanori Gomi open up the show.

1. Takanori Gomi vs. Clay Guida

First round was hard to watch. Guida’s style is definitely annoying Gomi who can’t seem to get unleashed. Guida landed the best shot of the round and also got a take down late in the round.

This has to be frustrating for Gomi. Guida’s in and out and hopping around like crazy man and landing a shot here and there. Gomi can’t really catch him. Guida grabbed onto a guillotine and Gomi tapped out.

Winner: Clay Guida by way of 2nd round submission

2. Dong Hyun Kim vs. Nate Diaz

Good ground battle for most of the round. Kim is using his size advantage to power through most of what Diaz is trying to do, but Diaz was very busy from the bottom.

Kim is taking Diaz down at will. Once Kim gets on top, Diaz can’t really move him. Diaz reversed him and tried to get his back, but Kim pushed him over the top and they ended the round on their fight. Diaz may have to finish him to win the fight.
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UFC Live: Vera Vs. Jones Play By Play

This is the first UFC show on Versus, and if I were to guess, UFC on Versus probably helped Versus in their face-off with DirecTV. DirecTV folks now get their UFC, WEC, and NHL again. Life is good.

I’m intrigued, as are many I would assume, with how Jon Jones does against someone like Brandon Vera who is almost patient to a fault. It will be an interesting fight as Jones is all offense, and Vera can be all defense.

1. James Irvin vs. Alessio Sakara

Rogan says Irvin cut a tremendous amount of weight and he doesn’t remember when he’s seem someone so drawn out at the weight-ins.

With less than two minutes in the round, Sakara threw a left hook that caught Irvin in the eye and he stumbled backwards like it was an eye poke. And the fight is over. Not the most stellar debut for UFC on Versus, especially with the way these guys were talking like they were going to have an exciting fight that would end in knockout.

Winner: Alessio Sakara by way of 1st round TKO

2. Paul Buentello vs. Cheick Kongo
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UFC 109 – Relentless gets a cool f’n poster


UFC legends Randy “The Natural” Couture and Mark “The Hammer” Coleman headline what looks to be an awesome card the day before the Superbowl entitled UFC 109: Relentless. In addition, Josh Koscheck takes on Paulo Thiago in what could be a 3 round snorefest or a quick finish. Plus, Lil Nog battles Brandon Vera, Matt Serra battles Frank Trigg (and I have no idea why this isn’t being advertised on the poster and Kos/Thiago is) and Nate Marquardt fights Chael Sonnen.

I actually want to see all 5 of those fighs.

Can’t wait for this one.