Bellator MMA On Spike – Karl Amoussou Vs. Ben Askren Play By Play

King MoI enjoyed the first Bellator on Spike show enough to come back for more. It’s also King Mo’s first Bellator fight and Ben Askren makes a title defense. The welterweight tournament will also be on display tonight.

1. Koffi Adzitso vs. Ben Saunders

Most of the first round was on the ground. Saunders tried setting up a triangle. When they were back on the feet, he hit a knee strike to Adzitso’s face, which was the best shot of the round.

More really good ground work from Saunders. He went from triangle to omaplata, but Adzitso was good defensively. Saunders also knocked him down and tried to finish on the ground, but Saunders missed with his long reach. Limbs are too long for Adzitso.

Saunders just outworked him. Adzitso even tried to back suplex Saunders and Saunders landed on his face. Saunders was working an arm bar at the end of the round. Easy win for Saunders.

Winner: Ben Saunders by way of unanimous decision

2. Douglas Lima vs. Michail Tsarev
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UFC 117 Weigh-Ins – Thiago Alves Misses Weight

Here are the weights for the fighters as they weighed in today:

Dennis Hallman – 171
Ben Saunders – 171

Christian Morecraft – 263
Stefan Struve – 247

Todd Brown – 206
Tim Boetsch – 206 1/2 originally, and re-weighed in at 206

Charlie Brenneman – 171
Johny Hendricks – 171

Rodney Wallace – 206
Phil Davis – 205 1/2 (the dude looks like a human V)

Rick Story – 169 1/2
Dustin Hazelett – 169 1/2

Rafael Dos Anjos – 156
Clay Guida – 156

Junior Dos Santos – 240
Roy Nelson – 263

Ricardo Almeida – 170 1/2
Matt Hughes – 170 1/2

Thiago Alves – 171 1/2 (he’s going to have to lose at least a 1/2 pound)
Jon Fitch – 170 1/2

Chael Sonnen – 185
Anderson Silva – 184 1/2

Sonnen was booed louder than Silva was.

During the stare down, Silva pretended to look away.

Sonnen told the crowd that it was the pre-funk to the retirement party of Anderson Silva hosted by Chael. I can’t believe he said pre-funk.

Silva didn’t really say much.


Bryan Alvarez from F4WOnline/Wrestling Observer says that Alves couldn’t make the weight.

Here’s what he tweeted:

Alves can’t make weight and will fight at 171.5 and forfeit 20% of purse.

Aftermath – UFC 111: St Pierre vs. Hardy

The first major UFC of 2010 is in the books. I’m terribly sorry we did not get this up sooner, but we are all extremely exhausted over this weekend’s festivities. UFC 111 was the night before Wrestlemania and featured two championships bouts (although if you asked Brock, it was only one) LIVE from New Jersey. The show was primarily built around the return of Georges St. Pierre and a big heavyweight showdown between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin.

Thumbs middle
Best Match – Mir/Carwin
Worst Match – Fitch/Saunders

Thumbs Down
Best Match – Mir/Carwin
Worst Match – St.Pierre/Hardy

There has been some really boring UFC cards as of late, and this most certainly takes it’s place amongst them. I have to give Hardy credit. The guy is every bit as tough as I thought he was, but we all knew he was out of his depth going into this one, and that’s exactly how it played out. The only fun part of this PPV was the four minute demolition that was Carwin/Mir. Everything else ranged between mediocre and awful.

Cactus Jim
Thumbs down
Best Match: Mir/Carwin
Worst Match: St. Pierre/Hardy

Boring. Boring. Boring. When is the next Strikeforce? The names may not be as big, but the fights are better than anything on the last few PPV’s and they don’t charge me to see them.

Big D
Thumbs down
Best Match – Mir/Carwin
Worst Match – Fitch/Saunders

I will have to agree with the rest of the gentlemen. Other than Mir/Carwin and Rousimar’s disgusting flash win, there wasn’t much to see here. Carwin is a scary guy and I almost felt bad for Mir. Dan Mugliotta needs to be fired. Hardy showed a lot of heart, but the fight was very similar to the Fitch fight GSP had, where he thrashed the other man for 5 rounds, but you couldnt help but be surprised that Hardy hung on. Speaking of Fitch – he bored us yet again. Overall, the show was pretty much a stinker – as a lot of the recent shows have been. What’s going on here?

We’ll see in Abu-Dhabi!

UFC 111 Play By Play – Georges St. Pierre Vs. Dan Hardy

This is UFC’s biggest show of the year, and probably their biggest show until Brock Lesnar fights again. Their number two star Georges St. Pierre is in the main event, while Shane Carwin and Frank Mir fight for the chance to face Lesnar, so while he’s not fighting, he’ll still be talked about.

1. Jim Miller vs. Mark Bocek

Really fun first round. Bocek actually got the early takedown, but then he was nearly submitted by a kimura. Actually, it looked to me that he either tapped, or was about ready to tap before he was able to get out of it. He had to get out of it twice. I can’t imagine his shoulder feels 100%.

Bocek dominated him. He took him down and went for an arm triangle. Then he put a body triangle on him and also trapped his right arm. Miller could only defend the rear naked choke attempt with one arm. But Miller fought hard and eventually got to his feet, dropped Bocek on his head, and finally got the arm out before the round ended.

The third round was hard to score. There wasn’t much going on and then Miller went for a choke with seconds left in the round.

Winner: Jim Miller by unanimous decision

2. Ben Saunders vs. Jon Fitch
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UFC 106 – Tito Ortiz Vs. Forrest Griffin Play By Play

What I really like about this card is that we should get some answers about contenders in two divisions. Is Tito Ortiz still the real deal? Can Forrest Griffin get over two straight losses? Is Anthony Johnson the real deal? Can Josh Koscheck make the leap? I have a feeling we’ll get most of those questions answered tonight.

1. Phil Baroni vs. Amir Sadollah

That was a pretty fun first round. Both guys came out strong. Baroni came out throwing bombs. Sadollah stuck him in the clinch by grabbing the back of his neck and starting ripping up knees. Baroni was also landing uppercuts from that spot. Baroni got a takedown and Sadollah looked like he wanted to grab an arm bar, but nothing happened. As is usually the case, Baroni got tired about half way in and Sadollah took over.

It’s actually pretty amazing that Baroni stayed on his feet for the entire round. Or, Sadollah isn’t a good finisher. Sadollah was all over him for the entire round. Sadollah was using kicks to keep Baroni at bay and digging with knees in the clinch. Baroni had a few nice shots, but you can tell that there wasn’t as much on them as there was in the first round.

Baroni took a beating the likes of very few this year. He was a mess by the time the fight was over. He was getting hit with kicks to the thigh, shin, and body, elbows and punches to the head, and knees to the head. It was really hard to watch Baroni take so much punishment late in the round, but he wouldn’t go down.

Winner: Amir Sadollah by way of unanimous decision

2. Antonio Rogerio Noguiera vs. Luiz Cane
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