Top Five – Daniel Cormier Is The New Light Heavyweight Champion

Daniel Cormier is the new light heavyweight champion


What were the top stories last week?

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Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz – Live Play By Play

I’m representing both Fight Game Blog and tonight. This live report will be on both sites.

You can see photos from the event that I’m taking while writing at FGB’s Flickr page.

1. Jeremy Tavares vs. Shingo Kohara
Kohara is making his pro debut, while Tavares is 0-3.

Great action for the 135 pounders. Though Tavares is from San Jose, there’s a nice little section of fans for Kohara. Kohara kept going for arm bars, but Tavares would end up on top and Kohara in his guard. Very good action on the ground.

Right at the beginning of the second round, Kohara kneed a shooting Tavares right in the head and Tavares is out four seconds into the second round.

Decision: Shingo Kohara by way of 2nd round TKO

2. Zac Bucia vs. James Terry
Terry is from San Jose while Bucia is from San Francisco.

Terry is definitely going for the takedown, but he had to eat a sweet left kick in order to get it. The rest of the round was Terry trying to pass, and Bucia going for submissions from the bottom. Terry got some good shots from the top position to end the round.

Terry was on top of him for the entire second round, going from guard to side control and back. Bucia went for an arm bar and Terry picked him up and dropped him. Pretty uneventful, but Terry controlled him.

In the third, Bucia was able to stay off his back for half of the round, but Terry got him down and had him in side control for the rest of the round. Both guys worked tremendously hard to get their position, but it was simply that Terry had better position. Bucia finally got to his feet late in the round and chased Terry around the ring, but it ended soon thereafter.

Decision: James Terry by unanimous decision

The announcer had the scorecards wrong and was reading that the fight was for Bucia, but he was alerted correctly.

I saw Bas Rutten earlier and was able to get a shot of him.

3. Brandon Michaels vs. Raul Castillo
Castillo got his back and submitted him with a rear naked choke.
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DREAM 5: Lightweight Grand Prix Finals – Play By Play

Dream officials have been forced to rethink the line up for this show, due to several of their marquee names being forced off the card. Nick Diaz was pulled from the show by EXC, “Kid” Yamamoto withdrew after sustaining a knee injury, the Mirko Cro Cop versus Jerome LeBanner fight was dropped, and it’s uncertain whether Hideo Tokoro can fight after being involved in a car crash last week. So alot of this card still remains a mystery.

There’s one thing we know for certain though, Dream’s first lightweight champion will be crowned by the end of this show. Shinya Aoki will fight Caol Uno in one semi, while Eddie Alvarez and Tatsuya Kawajiri will face off in the other. The winners will go on to meet in the grand prix final later on in the night.

It’s the usual HDNet commentary team of Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice calling the action. We start off the show with a recap of the tournament so far. This is Followed by the usual introductions of each fighter to the live crowd. Nakamura vs. Ologun is up first.

1. Daisuke Nakamura vs. Andy Ologun

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