Top Five – Nate Diaz Taps Out Conor McGregor

nate diaz taps out conor mcgregor

What were the top stories last week?

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Top Five – Dominick Cruz Is The New Bantamweight Champion

Dominick Cruz is the new batamweight champion


What were the top stories last week?

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Top Five – Alberto Del Rio’s Contract

Alberto Del Rio's contract

What were the top stories last week?

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HBO Boxing – Antonio Margarito Vs. Miguel Cotto Play By Play

If there is ever a blood feud in boxing, this is it. These guys absolutely hate each other, and for good reason. Cotto believes that Margarito cheated in their first fight, causing his career to deter and possibly never get back to where it could’ve gone. For Margarito, Cotto keeps soiling his name and made it quite clear that if Margarito wasn’t able to get sanctioned in New York, the fight would be off.

Antonio Margarito vs. Miguel Cotto

Interesting style for Cotto. He’s allowing Margarito to use his length and dictate where the fight goes, but Cotto’s showing great hand speed and isn’t just throwing one punch. His combinations look crisp. He was hit a couple times, but Cotto’s round. Cotto’s following up a left hook, but going out the back door and Margarito can’t really find him at the end of exchanges.

Boxing clinic of a round for Cotto. He tattooed Margarito’s face several times with short hooks and straight right hands. Margarito’s face is going to be a mess again. Margarito landed a great body shot to end the round that seemed to rock Cotto.

Cotto tagged Margarito time after time and opened up his right eye, which is the bad eye for Margarito. There was a brilliant exchange where both guys stood toe-to-toe and Cotto definitely bot the better of it. He’s fighting amazingly on the inside.

Margarito landed some nice shots on the inside, but Cotto isn’t stationary and he’s having a hard time tracking him. Cotto is also getting off three punches before Margarito can get off one.
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Video – Face Off: Miguel Cotto/Antonio Margarito II