From The Vault – 4

I decided to take a break from KENTA & Marufuji this week, but I did watch a ton of other random stuff. First up is an episode of Raw from right before No Mercy 2001. We’re deep into the invasion angle and RVD is the most over babyface on the roster. The show was built around a tag match which would be Stone Cold and a partner vs. Kurt Angle and a partner. Austin had the Alliance vote as to who his partner would be and he rigged it so that RVD wouldn’t win. I had forgotten how funny he was as the leader of these jabroni’s.

The tag match ended up being excellent. Undertaker was Angle’s partner and worked harder than I remember him working back in 2001. Austin was the best guy in the match. The other main matches were The Rock against RVD and Jericho against Rhyno. These were both really good as well. RVD and Rock had excellent chemistry, it’s a shame they never got to work more. In fact this may have been their only ever singles match.

Some other notes from the show:

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