Arguello Vs. Pryor – 30 Years Later

Via the Las Vegas Sun

I didn’t realize it earlier, but thanks to several boxing aficionados’ tweets, I found out that today is the 30th anniversary of Alexis Arguello’s first fight with Aaron Pryor.

That fight is one of the most memorable fights I’ve ever seen, both because of how fantastic it was, and also because of how young I was when I watched it. I don’t believe I watched it live in 1982 as I would’ve been only six, but I remember the controversy surrounding the fight, my dad calling Aaron Pryor and Panama Lewis cheaters because of the mysterious water bottle that Lewis had mixed.

I remember scoring the fight to try and prove that the “good guy” was really winning the fight before the “bad guy” cheated with what I interpreted to be drugs. The fight really told a heckuva story. You had Arguello trying to win his fourth world title in his fourth weight class. You had Pryor who was in the same class as Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns, but didn’t have the same visibility.
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Video – This Is Boxing

Top Rank Boxing put together a video and were trying to get it sent around earlier today. It’s pretty darn good.