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Aleister Black

WWE: Why does the company make it so difficult to invest in their product?

 Think about your favorite form of entertainment: movies, music, books, video games, etc. You’re most likely invested in those forms of entertainment due to the layout, the content, or a few particular characters you’re interested in, among other things. If a meaningful character on your favorite television show is written off for no reason,…

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AEW Dynamite Breakdown: Road Rager

Our first edition of AEW Dynamite outside of Daily’s Place since March of last year was this Road Rager special. There were quite a few big moments and announcements, highlighted by a phenomenal debut. While Malakai Black will be the major story, I broke down all the hits and misses from the rest of Road…

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2020 WWE Report Card: Paul Heyman

Grade: C When considering a list of the most influential people in the history of professional wrestling, especially when you exclude anyone with the surname “McMahon,” one might only need a few moments before settling on Paul Heyman. He was heavily involved in arguably WCW’s greatest match, The Dangerous Alliance vs Sting’s Squadron at Wrestle…

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Raw Underground, We Hardly Knew Ye | How WWE’s latest MMA knock off missed the mark

Dearly beloved, we’re gathered here today to remember the life and times of Raw Underground, the show within the show of Monday Night Raw which was cancelled following a roughly seven week run during the 10 o’clock hour of RAW over the late summer. The show, hosted by relative unknown Shane McMahon, was WWE’s attempt…

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WrestleMania 35 Live Coverage – Ronda Rousey Vs Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch

Check out our WrestleMania 35 live coverage featuring Ronda Rousey Vs Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch in the main event.

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WWE Fastlane Live Coverage – Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte

Check out our WWE Fastlane live coverage featuring Becky Lynch vs Charlotte.

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