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Alberto Del Rio

The State of the Royal Rumble: A Look Back at What It All Means

The Royal Rumble is this weekend. If you haven’t listened to our Royal Rumble preview podcast, you can do so below. Here, Andy Marshall looks at the state of the big show and what it means for talent who win. The history of World Wrestling Entertainment can be traced back to the huge gamble Vince…

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The Fight Game Podcast – 2017 Wrestling Observer Awards + KLB Mailbag (Ep. 19)

Branden Draven joins GG on the Fight Game Podcast to discuss the 2017 Wrestling Observer Awards as well as answer questions from the KLB mailbag.

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Ranking The Royal Rumble Part 1

This is part one of our list ranking all of the Royal Rumble matches.

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House Show Report – WWE San Jose 2/6/16

WWE came to the Bay Area the night before the Super Bowl. Here’s our WWE San Jose report.

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TLC Live Coverage – Roman Reigns Vs Sheamus

After last night’s UFC show where Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds, it’s going to be hard for WWE to follow it up. However, the way they can do so is simply to have a smart show with smart outcomes. Then again, this is the PPV full of gimmick matches where there…

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