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On this week’s episode, Fumi and Justin begin their dive into the complicated history of UWF Japan. They start by talking about “Puroresu no Kamisama” (“God of Pro Wrestling”), Karl Gotch, and his supreme influence on Japanese pro wrestling. They later discuss the infamous 1984 NJPW coup d’etat and birth of the UWF sub-brand, still technically under NJPW’s control.
Other topics:
-Akira Maeda

The WWF–UWF International title

Maeda as a karate instructor in NYC?

Maeda vs. Don Nakaya Nielsen (watch this if you haven’t already!!!)

“The Kick,” 1987

-UWF’s two nights at Korakuen Hall
-Antonio Inoki vs. Leon Spinks
-The idea of an “exit” over a “finish”
-A callback to wrestling of the 1890s
Later, Frank Gotch vs. George Hackenschmidt
They ended before jumping into UWF in 1988, which is where they'll pick up from next time.

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