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Write That Down! “That’s so Montreal—On pro wrestling’s ‘reality complex’”

Modern pro wrestling’s backstage drama has become a hotter topic than the wrestling itself. Today’s fans crave “reality” in their wrestling, something from the news to attach to the story that’s already there, the one presented by the wrestling company. Once again, “Reality” is in, and somewhat similar to how it was 25 years ago, when the Montreal Screwjob happened, when the kayfabe curtain came down off the rails and pro wrestling changed completely, and we—both the industry and the fans—became more fixated on what was fact or fiction, what the boundaries were. “What really happened?” “What did so-and-so do for that to happen?” People were skipping the entree for more tea. Modern Society sips on gossip all day. CM Punk? The AEW media scrum? The melee? “That’s so Montreal.” That’s what Fumi Saito and Justin Knipper call it now; an adjective. It’s shorthand for saying “this type of pro wrestling is, intentionally or not, blending objective reality with storyline fiction.”
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