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Today, Fumi Saito & Justin Knipper went over the history of Japanese & Japanese-American wrestlers who worked in the States as well as in Mexico and Canada. They went over the first excursion in Rikidozan, and later Giant Baba’s, and later talked about important names like Masa Saito, Mr. Fuji, The Great Togo, Hiro Matsuda, “Tokyo” Joe Daigo, Hiroshi Hase, Antonio Inoki in Portland with Pat Patterson, Seiji Sakaguchi’s four years of working in the US, Mr. Hito and Kendo Nagasaki training Bret Hart in Calgary, Konishiki’s blessing to Rodney Anoa’i to use a sumo gimmick for “Yokozuna,” TAJIRI’s green mist integrity, how Jinsei Shinzaki was discovered by WWF/E, plus loads more.
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