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This episode was originally released in September of 2021. We're re-releasing it as a classic episode it as Fumi and Justin take a week off to regroup for the new year.
Justin’s notes from the original episode on Patreon:“On this week’s episode of Write That Down!, Fumi and I talked about the Three Musketeers of NJPW: Keiji Muto, Masahiro Chono, and Shinya Hashimoto. Each musketeer had their own distinct style and personality in the ring, and outside of the ring, each would end up leading very different career paths.“We talked at length about all three NJPW superstars, though our discussion was centered on Chono and Hashimoto especially, as we covered Muto’s career in great detail during our four-part series earlier this year.Fumi explained how Chono picked up his storytelling wrestling from none other than “Bulldog” Bob Brown (of all wrestlers) and recommends some of Chono’s best bouts. We also spoke at length about Hashimoto’s program with Judo silver medalist Naoya Ogawa and how, with hindsight, we can now view Hashimoto as the inadvertent “first sacrifice” of Japan’s pro wrestling Dark Ages, plus lots more.”
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