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Fumi and Justin began their profile series on “Mr. Puroresu” himself, Genichiro Tenryu. In Part One, they went over Tenryu starting sumo at 14, then transitioning to Giant Baba’s AJPW a decade later. They also detailed Tenryu’s early career in the US, teaming with Billy Robinson and Jumbo Tsuruta, Tenryu’s legendary rivalry with Riki Choshu and the importance of their 2/21/85 Osaka-Jo Hall match which Tenryu’s huge spike rise in popularity from this. They finished the show discussing his Tenryu’s UN Heavyweight title and the eventual formation of AJPW’s Triple Crown and his big-time singles matches vs. Jumbo and Stan Hansen before covering the rise and fall of SWS and later Tenryu’s WAR promotion. Additionally, at 16:00 into the show, Fumi and Justin spent about ten minutes talking about about Terry Funk’s recent health condition and how overblown it had gotten in the media.
In Part 2, Fumi & Justin first talked about Tenryu’s involvement in the short-lived “straight and strong” SWS run by Megane Super executives and Tenryu taking after Baba and Inoki and becoming a wrestling promoter with WAR. They went over his return to AJPW in the late ’90s after the death of Giant Baba and his classics with Keiji Muto in All Japan, his work in the critically maligned HUSTLE and his retirement match in 2015 against NJPW’s Kazuchika Okada.
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