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Fumi Saito & Justin Knipper return with a unique episode centered on the history of seasonal wrestling tournaments in Japanese pro wrestling history. From Rikidozan’s World League tournament to Giant Baba’s Champion Carnival to Riki Choshu’s G1 Climax to all the round-robin and single-elimination tournaments in between, this episode of Write That Down! covers it all.

Rikidozan and sumo culture’s strong influence on Japanese pro wrestling

1959 World League hosted by Rikidozan

AJPW’s Champion Carnival: 1973

NJPW’s G1 Climax & “Mr. August” Masahiro Chono

NJPW’s own version of the ‘World League’ from 1974–78

This turns into NJPW’s MSG Series from 1979–81

The Japanese network television wars

IWE 1966–1981

NJPW IWGP tournament & Hulk Hogan

Vince McMahon at Wrestling Summit

Ted DiBiase vs. Ultimate Warrior

Bret Hart vs. Mitsuharu Misawa (Tiger Mask II)

AJPW Champion Carnival 1997

Kazuchika Okada’s recent G1 Climax 33 victory

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