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The Boom – The Summer of Punk Begins (again) | AEW’s New Saturday Show | Basketball brings big ratings

It’s all but official that CM Punk is about to return to AEW, and not everyone is happy about it. News and rumors are flying about a divided roster and a new Saturday TV show built around Punk, beginning just in time for the build to Forbidden Door and All In at Wembley Stadium. James and Kevin talk about the likelihood of a divided roster actually bringing people together, Punk’s potential programs, and the over/under on his being injured or burnt out by the time the Wembley show happens.
All In match predictions
The future of Rampage
The most-watched IWGP tag match of all time?
FTR tells us what we already know
The Elite Stooges put up a good fight
Daddy Magic raps, almost loses nipples
Sting’s retirement plans
Darby’s best promo ever
A pitch for a new reality show
Jeff Hardy’s latest last chance
Dynamite preview
And more!
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