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On the same day that Kenny Omega said that fans should “get over” their conflict with CM Punk, he and The Young Bucks did some elite-level trolling of Punk’s fans in Chicago last Wednesday. James and Kevin revel in the pettiness and talk about if this makes a Punk return to AEW more or less likely. But first, they are joined by Paul Fontaine of The Dynamite Show to discuss memories of the Covid era of wrestling and the recent “Hall of Boom” episodes on the Fight Game Media Patreon.
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The future of the Blackpool Combat Club
Chris Jericho’s bleeding chest
Ricky Starks as the ultimate underdog
Preston Vance breaks Negative One’s heart
The state of the Women’s Championship
Colt Cabana’s unfortunate sock choices
The cast of the upcoming Von Erichs movie featuring MJF
The case for Ricky Steamboat as Batman
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