Smackdown Spoilers From San Jose

I attended Smackdown in San Jose last night with my buddy and my kids and the show was LONG. They taped four different shows. First was Superstars, then The Main Event, then one match for Saturday Morning Slam, and finally, Smackdown.

You can see photos from the night on our Facebook Page.


Wade Barrett beat Tyson Kidd in a fun match. Kidd got a lot of offense in and Barrett won with the elbow of death.

Antonio Cesaro beat Justin Gabriel in yet another fun match with his stuff pedigree-like maneuver. It was clear to me watching both Kidd and Gabriel live that they need to be on Raw every week.

The Main Event

The Big Show beat Randy Orton after a chokeslam. This match was painful to watch. There were three rest holds and the bear hug spot seemed to last hours. Orton got at least two comebacks, but with Orton’s normal slow working style and Show’s plodding style, the match was terrible.

Kofi Kingston quickly beat Michael McGillicutty. Since Miz is one of the announcers, he was there and Kofi challenged him to a title match as the main event of next week’s Main Event. The highlight was Miz’s velvet red jacket.

Saturday Morning Slam
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WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs – Pay Per View Preview

I admit, I’m a sucker for gimmick Pay Per Views. Royal Rumble, old-school Survivor Series, King of the Ring, and the blood-filled Hell in the Cell.

Tonight the WWE brings us Tables, Ladders and Chairs from Baltimore, with a decent-looking card. With four title matches, and a surprisingly John Cena-free card, this even could be a real sleeper.

Let’s go over the card in my predicted order.

1. Dolph Ziggler (champion) defends his United States Championship vs. Zack Ryder
Zack Ryder is at the highest point of his WWE career. He’s a callback to the 90s, with about 3-4 moves of doom, catchphrases the crowd can chant along to, and a finisher that can be hit against most wrestlers, and is looking better and better with each match. He got a chance at this match after John Cena sacrificed his shot at the WWE title. Cena then helped Ryder defeat World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry to give Ryder the title shot.

Ziggler is probably the best all-around “superstar” in the WWE right now, as he’s being allowed to do more with the mic, and always has one of the best matches on the card. He is the next big thing in wrestling, and a future multi-time World Champion. It’s hard to believe he was once “NICKY!” of the Spirt Squad (

WHO SHOULD WIN: Zack Ryder. Dolph Ziggler’s road to bigger and better things is almost completely paved. He just needs to start taking the next steps. Ryder would make for a good babyface champion, with it still being amazing that his theme music invoked X-Pac heat (read: complete and utter silence from the crowd). Now folks look forward to doing the fist pump with him, shouting the “WOO WOO WOO”, and taking care while spiking their hair.

WHO WILL WIN: Zack Ryder. Please. Same reasons as above. A win for him would do good for both men. Plus there’s a 75% chance John Cena will show up to ensure Ryder wins.

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WWE to move Smackdown to Syfy

In what can only be described as a MAJOR DEAL – World Wrestling Entertainment is moving Friday Night Smackdown from MyNetwork TV, a network television staple for eleven years, to Syfy, a cable network, according to the Los Angeles Times publication THIS October.

Syfy will be paying 30 million dollars for Smackdown. We expect an official announcement made by WWE and Syfy later this week. Syfy already airs Tuesday Night’s WWE NXT program. Smackdown has never been on a cable network, so this is a first. As it stands, Smackdown is the final “original” program on MyNetwork TV and the first episode, back on October 3rd, 2008, scored a 3.2 rating – the highest in network history.

Update April 13th, 2010: According to, NXT will be cancelled in the fall and Smackdown wi ll remain the network’s only wrestling programming.