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Heels on Starz: The Season Finale Review

Our time in Duffy, Georgia, has come to an end, but hopefully just for now.  The Heels season finale both wrapped nicely, but also left a lot of loose ends that a second season could easily tie-up. As of this writing, Heels hasn’t been renewed for a new season. I assumed this episode would open up…

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Heels on Starz, Episode 7: “The Big Bad Fish Man,” reviewed

With no episode last week, I was over the moon to be back with my friends in Duffy on Sunday evening.  The cold open to “The Big Bad Fish Man” saw another flashback of Tom Spade, this time in the car with Jack. We got another look at his more recent backstory and how we…

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Heels on Starz, Episode 6: ‘House Show,’ reviewed

Six episodes (and six buzzword titles) in and the momentum continues for Heels. House Show featured exactly zero in-ring action, but of course this isn’t why we watch. We love the people in Duffy who, as we’ve been so masterfully shown in this season, all know each other and are all very different in a…

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Heels on Starz: Episode 5, reviewed

Heels just keeps getting better and better, and “Swerve” is an appropriate name for the latest episode with its ensuing drama. This was the first week where I watched the show as soon as it was available to me, and it more than delivered. Episode 5: “Swerve” Jack’s son Thomas was featured a lot in…

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Heels on Starz: Episodes 3 + 4 reviewed

[Reader’s discretion: This review contains upsetting themes including suicide.] Episode 3: “Cheap Heat” The third episode of Heels was bookended with scenes that could be interpreted in a number of ways, but the main idea here was that Jack is a lot like his father, and maybe to a fault. In the heaviest scene of…

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Heels on Starz: Episodes 1 + 2 reviewed

Episode 1: “Kayfabe” The Duffy Wrestling League promotion is a struggling entity in rural Georgia, spearheaded by Stephen Amell’s character, who sports a small but diverse roster of charming wrestlers, including Jack’s brother Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig), who is being scouted by a DWL legend representing the “up north” promotion implied to be WWE. Amell…

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