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MATCH MADNESS: Ospreay vs. Shingo, AEW Double or Nothing

Highlights from May included Will Ospreay’s sole IWGP World Heavyweight Championship defense, a fantastic AEW pay-per-view in Double or Nothing, a shockingly spectacular tag match out of Australia, the finals of the AJPW Champion Carnival, and so much more. WWE .@WWECesaro takes to the sky!!!#WMBacklash #UniversalTitle @WWERomanReigns @HeymanHustle pic.twitter.com/RB9S75ixz1 — WWE (@WWE) May 17, 2021…

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Aussie Invasion: Steph De Lander, Matty Wahlberg to WWE PC

WWE announced that among the most recent group of WWE Performance Center recruits, two happen to be from Pro Wrestling Alliance from Australia.  Steph De Lander and Matty Wahlberg both were staples of PWA Australia and in the Australian wrestling scene at large, having watched them live in the past, I knew destiny was bright…

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Wrestler Wall Street

Wrestlers are human beings, yes. They’re athletes, artists, demigods, or however you choose to describe them. At the end of the day, from the Red Rooster to Dean Malenko, from Abadon to Rhea Ripley, they’re all human beings. We all throw around the “I’ve invested in [insert name here] stock” in conversations about wrestlers before….

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PWA: Back in Black Label

February, 12 2021 Factory Theatre Marrickville On a wet Friday night, I attended PWA Black Label: Back in Black Label, my first live wrestling event since December 2019. My first since the world was much more normal. Just to really make the time passed since then seem super long. I saw Jushin Thunder Liger at…

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