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Pro Wrestling

Video Vault – The Rock Sings

My buddy was watching the new Rock DVD and I was reminded of this gem. If there’s ever another like him, we’ll be really, really lucky. Sacramento I won’t stay. But I’ll be sure to come back when the Lakers beat the Kings in May.

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The Road To World

The most important one Dragon Gate has ever travelled… There have been name changes, ownership changes, roster changes, retirements and expulsions for the promotion that has evolved from Toryumon Japan to it’s current manifestation, Dragon Gate. However since the doors of the Ultimo Dragon Gym gym opened back in the mid-late 90’s, there has been…

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Do You Smell What Barack Is Cookin?

I don’t even need to say anything. It speaks for itself.

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Wrestlemania 24 Short Recap

The last Wrestlemania that I didn’t watch live was Wrestlemania XV. I was on vacation and my buddies, Eddy Zucko and Albert recorded it for me to watch when I got back. That was about 9 years ago. It’s been very hard to not have read any kind of spoilers whatsoever. And now, two days…

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