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AEW and WWE Ratings Report: AEW Dynamite Does Third Highest Viewership

The big news As evidenced by the title, Dynamite had a huge week for ratings. But it wasn’t only them. All four major AEW and WWE shows were up; significantly in most cases. The return of fans along with big matches upcoming has wrestling feeling hotter than it has in years. With rumors of main…

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Indy Spirit || AAW returns

What a night! Get the replay of Take No Prisoners now at @FiteTV Order it here: https://t.co/5awsBl8eIL#AATNP Video: @ThePolishRob pic.twitter.com/Afk32O0vHy — AAW Wrestling (@AAWPro) May 8, 2021 When veteran grappler Danny Daniels and his partner, Jim Lynam, purchased the Chicago independent promotion AAW in 2005, he thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to give back…

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