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World Series Of Fighting

GIF – Palhares Holds Onto Submission

Rousimar Palhares is infamous for holding onto his death-grip heel hooks for too long, injuring fighters who have tapped in the process. In October of last year, he beat Mike Pierce with his trademarked heel hook, but held onto the submission despite Pierce’s cries after he already tapped. Because of it, Dana White and the…

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GIF – Rumble Johnson Knocks Out Mike Kyle

It was quick and looked very painful. In the main event of the World Series of Fighting Card on Saturday night, Rumble Johnson knocked Mike Kyle out cold. GIF via @ZProphet_MMA:

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FGB Radio – UFC Year In Review

This is the third and last of our year in review podcasts. A week and a half ago, Duan and I discussed the year in boxing. On Christmas Eve, Big D and I took a look back at WWE in 2013. And now, Heidi Fang (@HeidiFang) from MMA Fight Corner joins me to discuss the…

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GIF – Josh Burkman Submits Jon Fitch

At the World Series of Fighting event tonight, in the main event, Josh Burkman submitted Jon Fitch with a guillotine choke. Fitch went out quickly and cold. Burkman saw this and dropped him before the referee could even stop the fight. Here’s the GIF below via ZombieProphet:

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World Series Of Fighting 1 Thoughts

I wasn’t able to live blog the first World Series Of Fighting show, but I did get a chance to check it out and I have some thoughts on the show: The opening left a lot to be desired. You could hear Todd Harris’ and Bas Rutten’s voices, but long shots of the cage while…

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