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First Favorite Fighter

First Favorite Fighter – Chuck Liddell

There are a few levels to my UFC fandom. My interest piqued slightly when in college, we talked about the UFC in my media class. It was based around how the UFC was marketing the sport and the media coverage that was the result. Was it human cockfighting as the media liked to call it?…

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First Favorite Fighter – Kimbo Slice

I’ve been into UFC since the pandemic started this year. That’s the truth. Before COVID-19, I couldn’t have have cared three craps about MMA. The fourth crap actually gave me some perspective into the sport that I have come to really appreciate and love albeit it was a long rocky road to get there. My…

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First Favorite Fighter – Oleg Taktarov

The year 1993 was a formative year in my sports fandom. The Toronto Maple Leafs had an epic playoff run of 7-game series led by Doug Gilmour. The Blue Jays were led by WAMCO to their second straight World Series title (the team was so good, they didn’t even relinquish the title in 1994). And…

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First Favorite Fighter – Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald

In 2005, I was not at all into MMA but had been hearing a lot of UFC coverage listening to Wrestling Observer Live and reading it being an on-and-off subscriber to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. I very clearly recall an episode of the radio show where Dave Meltzer said something to the effect of “if…

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